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Specsavers in Kingston has expanded its hearing-care services with a new store design

The Kingston upon Thames Specsavers on Clarence Street has recently reopened after an extensive renovation in which the store’s partners invested more than £20,000 to expand the store’s hearcare testing capabilities.

The store’s audiology capacity has been doubled thanks to the quick, four-week construction of new state-of-the-art micro suction equipment, which allows for wax removal clinics to be held six days a week. Video otoscopes, which are used to check the ears and detect issues like infections and growths, were also added thanks to the funding. The audiologist can examine the ear canal before and after a procedure, and use them to clear out any material.

The audiology staff also offers 15-minute screenings to evaluate a customer’s hearing, wax removal, hearing aid fitting, and hearing aid programming adjustments.

The store has been serving the busy people of Kingston with audiology and eye care for nearly two decades. The 45-person optical staff at the store has specialized knowledge in several aspects of the industry, such as fitting and caring for contact lenses and providing hearing aids.

Customers can shop for new frames ranging from the cheap spectacles at Specsavers (beginning at £15) to designer labels like Vivienne Westwood, Liberty London, Hugo Boss, and Marc Jacobs (all of which can be found at the high end of the price spectrum). There are four daily eye clinics available, including same-day availability for emergency consultations.

The director of hearing aid audiologist services, Natalie Jones, has made the following statement: “We have witnessed a rise in demand for more hearing clinics within the last year. Now that we’ve doubled our capacity, we’re in a better position to assist the community’s Hearing Services.

Retail director Guy Loveday said, “We are very proud of our team who are committed, professional, and here to assist customers by providing outstanding service and care.” The new testing facilities are a huge improvement, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

People over the age of 60 should get their hearing checked once a year, while those younger than 60 should do so every two years. Adults should see Specsavers every two years, while annual visits are recommended for youngsters. If you meet the requirements, the NHS will pay for your entire eye exam. An eye exam paid for by the NHS is a right for all children under the age of 16, as well as those under the age of 19 who are still in school.

The staff at the store is delighted to help with the fitting of contact lenses for active kids.

Contact Specsavers Kingston upon Thames via telephone at 020 8974 6677 or on their website to schedule an appointment for an eye or hearing exam.

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