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The beginning of McDonald’s Monopoly 2022?

FANS of McDonald’s Monopoly are in for a treat – as the long-awaited game is returning.

McDonald’s customers can once again be in with a chance of winning a number of prizes – all you have to do is be in it to win it.

What is McDonald’s Monopoly?

If you’re a lover of all things McDonald’s, then you’ll love McDonald’s Monopoly.

The fast-food chain brought this popular sales promotion to customers in 2005, and it works in a similar way as the classic Monopoly board game.

Selected items on the menu will come with a sticker which customers can peel off – these are the game pieces.

Simply by peeling off these game pieces, customers can instantly win free food items and big prizes – such as gift cards and popular tech items.

And the most sought after gift card is the Gold card.

The winner of this gets the ultimate VIP treatment and is able to claim a free medium meal a week from their local restaurant for an entire year.

You can also collect the property pieces of the same colour – just like you do when playing the board game, to be in with a chance of winning an even bigger prize.

Customers can claim their big wins via the McDonald’s app or online.

When does McDonald’s Monopoly 2022 start?

The official start date for the 2022 McDonald’s Monopoly has been announced – and fans will be pleased to know they won’t have to wait much longer.

Stores nationwide will be starting the promotion on September 7, 2022.

But this time the popular game is set to be better than ever – with new features, players are in with a chance of winning more than ever before.

A new double peel feature is coming, meaning players can double their gameplay through the McDonald’s app.

The fast-food app will be introducing a digital gameboard and prize wallet, making winning and collecting prizes easier.

How long is McDonald’s Monopoly 2022 on for?

The end date for McDonald’s Monopoly 2022 has not yet been announced.

However, the promotion has always run for six weeks in the past.

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