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The Bulley family is shocked to learn that scammers are using their mother’s photos in online dating accounts

Sick scammers exploited images of NICOLA Bulley’s mother on false dating profiles, and her family is devastated.

The 45-year-old mother of two was found dead in the River Wyre in Lancashire on January 27.
After weeks of searching, her body was finally located 23 days after she went missing.

An inquest held last month determined that Nicola had “cold water shock” after she had fallen into the river while walking her dog.

Professor Mike Tipton, a diving expert, said she would have lost consciousness almost immediately in the 4°C river water.

He added that with “one or two breaths” she would have drowned and died “in less than ten minutes.”
Last month, after five months had passed since the tragedy, Nicola’s family lashed out at those on social media who continued to peddle conspiracy ideas.

And now her already distraught family has had to deal with the additional trauma of learning that online bullies have been using her image on a site called

The scammers were using photos of Nicola as bait in an online dating “catfish” operation targeting lonely people.

Several profiles stated she was based in London and utilized her photo under aliases.
Relatives were sickened by the swindle and used the word “sick” to characterize it.

The family has been informed, a reliable source told Sunday People.

They had already endured the worst possible trial.

Since then, the profiles offering romance for £23 a month have been removed from the site.

Nicola’s relatives expressed their “worst fears had been confirmed” after the discovery of her body.

“We will never be able to comprehend what Nikki had gone through in her final moments and that will never leave us,” the statement continued.

Nothing can ever take away from how special Nikki was to us; she was the light of our lives and the center of our universe.

In other words, “our girls will get the support they need from the people who love them the most.”

They went on to say, “Our hearts ache for others who have lost loved ones.” Don’t let hope die.

The search for Nikki is over; she has been located and returned to her family.

Simply put, “We love you, always have, and always will, and we’ll take it from here.”

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