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The Fall of Billionaire Mandla Mthembu

The Fall of Billionaire Mandla Mthembu

Mandla Mthembu, once considered one of South Africa’s wealthiest citizens, has reportedly vanished since 2007 and is now thought to be destitute.

Business tycoon Mandla Mthembu was known for his lavish lifestyle, which included everything from driving the most luxurious cars available to dressing in the latest designer fashions. Amidst reports that he was broke in 2010, he quietly faded from public view.

Mzansi has been trying to piece together his location since at least 2010. Once upon a time, rumors of Mthembu’s extramarital romances with Khanyi Mbau and Zodwa Wabantu were all over the news.

Wealth and opulence

TBT claims he was one of 2007’s wealthiest South Africans, with a net worth of R2.5 billion according to the media. When he won his case against Transnet, he pocketed R57 million.

Mandla Mthembu owned the business at the time, and it was called Martial Eagle Investment.

Khanyi Mbau marriage breakdown

Mandla Mthembu allegedly began dating Mbau when she was only 19 years old. They married in the context of their affair, despite a 30-year age difference. A daughter was given to the happy couple.

However, things turned sour between the two as Mthembu began experiencing financial difficulties. Mbau allegedly admitted to being in a financial relationship at one point.
Linked to Zodwa Wabantu, according to rumors

His alleged past relationship with Zodwa Wabantu was first published by BuzzSouthAfrica. The racy dancer claimed on an episode of her reality show Zodwa Uncensored that Mandla Mthembu was the father of her child.


Briefly states that in 2008, rumors of his downfall began circulating online. But in the midst of all, he debunked the accusations. Dolly Matshabe, his wife, said he was so poor that he couldn’t even afford to purchase their daughter some school supplies.

Many people have speculated about where his billions went since he was said to be destitute and living on the streets in 2010.

Several properties he owned were seized, and he was ultimately forced to take up residence in the Craydon Motel in Isando. Later, he was evicted for not paying his bills, and that was the last time anyone in Mzansi heard from him.

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