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The ring intruder who stopped the boxing match between Deji and Alex Wassabi describes the prank

The fan who stormed the ring during Deji’s fight with fellow YouTuber Alex Wassabi insists he has no regrets over the prank.

Louis Brow, 21, climbed into the ring during the second round before being bundled back out by the fighters’ trainers.

He was thrown out of Wembley Arena and banned from future events – but insists the stunt was worth it.

“It was just a publicity stunt to get the name out there, to catch everyone’s attention, get people talking about us,” he told the Daily Star.

“Everyone just sees the stunt but not the vision, the plan behind it.

“A lot of planning went into it, it was really well planned out. I attended a previous event at Wembley Arena and I studied the security system, found the weak points in the system and basically just exploited them for the stunt.”

Upon entering the ring, the amateur boxer was quickly confronted having initially thought his friend had also made it into the squared circle.

“I thought the bodyguard was my mate. I just see this figure jump in the ring and I couldn’t see his face, he was on the floor and I think ‘oh s*** that’s my mate’ but I didn’t know it was the bodyguard,” he continued.

“I thought it was my mate being daft picking me up but next thing I know, my legs are in the air, I’ve been slammed on the floor.

“One of the cornermen punched me, but I was a bit disappointed in the shot to be honest. I thought if you are a boxing coach you would have a harder punch.

“I got a shot to the face, got a few boots on the floor and then got chucked out and banned.

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“It was definitely worth it. I have no regrets.

“A lot of people are hating and I’m getting a lot of ‘w****r this and w****r that, but I have got a plan and whatever you do in life, people are going to hate you.

“My message to everyone is f*** what anyone thinks. Live your life, enjoy it with no regrets.

“I do apologise for the inconvenience caused but no regrets. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and enjoy it.”

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