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The value of Thermalite building materials

Aerated blocks have been favoured by both builders and homeowners due to their high thermal, acoustic insulation, and compressive strength among the modern wall building materials available.
Using Thermalite blocks from MGN Builders Merchants is a surefire way to save money on a broad variety of building projects. The building blocks are the ideal construction materials for any project requiring lightweight, long-lasting, and easily transported components. Let’s dive in and learn more about this adaptable construction material.

Thermalite blocks are what?

Microcellular structure with multiple tiny, trapped air pockets gives this unique building block comprehensive strength, light weight, and exceptionally high thermal insulation and moisture resistance; also known as aerated blocks, breeze blocks, and arcrete blocks.

When and why would you utilise a Thermalite block?

When building exterior walls or partitions inside a building.
Walls made of brick or reinforced concrete on the building’s exterior are insulated against the cold.
When building a fence. These kinds of buildings can be created rapidly and at low cost.
The walls’ perimeter will be encircled by a belt of reinforcements. Products made of reinforced aerated concrete in the shape of a U are employed.
Manufacturing of solid lintels for a selection of door and window sizes. Aerated concrete profiles are widely employed.
When the floor of a building needs to be able to support a certain amount of weight, thermalite breeze blocks can be used in beam and floor constructions, such as in home garages.

The AAC blocks need to be rendered before they can be used outdoors, for example to build a garden wall.

The advantages of Thermalite Blocks are discussed.

The breeze block can be used for the construction of homes, garages, and bathrooms because to its improved thermal insulation rates, overall size, and strong frost resistance. The material’s reliability and longevity have made it a favourite. Waterproofing protection is necessary, however, for block walls. Due to the safety factor, three-story homes can be constructed out of gas bricks.

  • Durable and dimensionally stable cement-based blocks that are resistant to rot, mould, and mildew allowing for greater dimensions with less weight.
  • Simple to move around without any equipment.
  • Blocks can be easily arranged on an adhesive surface.
  • Rapid increases in the erection of new barriers.
  • Superior ability to keep heat in or out.
  • Accurate product shape and size under strict constraints.
  • Better at blocking out noise, without sacrificing portability.
  • When utilised as interior partition walls, this lightweight material effectively muffles both ambient noise and conversations occurring in neighbouring rooms.
  • The aerated breeze blocks have a four-hour fire rating, and because they don’t burn, they won’t create any poisonous smoke either.
  • Aerated concrete is an environmentally friendly building material.
  • Aerated concrete is simple to work with in a mechanical sense.
  • Tolerant of a wide range of temperatures and the cold.
  • The capacity to release built-up moisture from the air.
  • Prolonged service life.

What is the strength of aerated blocks?

If you need something sturdy for a building’s framework but regular concrete won’t cut it, go no further than aerated concrete blocks.

Gas blocks can serve the same purpose as dense and lightweight blocks, but are currently only used for structural purposes in low-rise structures and partitions, as well as being a component of curtain walls in taller buildings.

The lightweight blocks have greater insulating characteristics and a lower specific gravity than concrete blocks, making them ideal for use in both internal and external walls.

Cement is combined with natural or synthetic aggregates such granular / foamed blast furnace slag, expanded clay or shale, furnace fly ash, fuel ash or even pumice stone for less usual lightweight blocks. Therefore, “ultra-light” aggregates like expanded clay and pumice, used for their outstanding thermal qualities, have comparatively low compressive strength since their density is inversely related to the strength of the block.

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