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This is how Sculpd molding clay can assist you in unwinding

Jenessa Williams gets stuck into some home pottery 

Here on the self-care series, we’ve regularly advocated for arts and crafts as an excellent opportunity for mindfulness and self-discovery, making something that can be given as a gift or kept as a memento of a certain time. During lockdown, new home accessories can be an excellent way to spruce up your surroundings, and it doesn’t come much more cathartic than plunging your thumbs into a fresh hunk of clay.  

If you’re starting from scratch, Sculpd are the perfect company to get you going on your claymaking journey. With free delivery, each of their kits comes with everything an amateur potter may need—sculpting tools, sandpaper, paintbrushes, white paint and sealant, and two sizeable packs of clay. The cheery branding feels instantly inspiring in its wonky shapes and stylish colours, summoning up dreams of perfectly crafted vases and ornaments, even some clay jewellery… 

Crafting the perfect vase might turn out to be a little trickier than first anticipated, but we have a great time trying. Following the suggestions made in the brand booklet, we first have a go at trinket dish—it’s a little wonky, but quite loveable in it’s homemade appeal.  

Next up is a planter, which is laid out in clear instructions but proves more challenging if you’re lacking in a decent rolling pin or large flat table to work on. Ours ends up a little baggy on one side, but it’s through no fault of the instructions—with two bags of clay at play (and more if you choose to bulk out your order), you can have plenty of fun with trial and error in the quest to craft your perfect piece.  

For those prone to losing interest in a lengthy project, the beauty of a Sculpd kit is that all clay air dries in just 24 hours, with no oven baking necessary. Making use of some old paint samples, we’re able to sand, paint and seal our makes inside of a weekend, placing a plant safely in it’s new home.  

Users are encouraged not to eat or drink from their finished products, but otherwise, the only limit on your makes is your own imagination and patience. Candleholders, abstract ornaments, even a surprise trophy for a friend…who knows what you might come up with? 

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