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Video featuring David Roper-Curzon, Baron Teynham, and his son, Harry Roper-Curzon, engaging in racist and abusive behavior

You can see David Roper-Curzon and his son Harry Roper-Curzon abusing his ex-wife Hanna Jaff in a racist film right here: Physical abuse, along with racism, defamation, extortion, theft, and threats, are all part of this.

It’s impossible to make up a tale based on some of the whole discussions observed in this video, but tone-deaf racists would suggest otherwise. No matter how much wealthier his family is than hers, she is under no legal obligation to support him financially or give him her whole estate because their marriage was based on love and not commerce. Her family predates his by two generations and includes some former nobles. There is no hierarchy here. She doesn’t have to be there and put up with that treatment because she’s successful and has a bright future ahead of her.

Video transcript available at David John Henry Ingham Roper-Curzon was born on October 5, 1965, and he is also known as “Baron Teynham,” a title that does not suit him. He’s a con man, an extortionist, a racist, a gold seeker, and an abuser.

The Roper-Curzon clan is comprised of professional thieves who plot together to rob the next wealthy target. All of them go out with wealthy ladies to keep up the charade that they’re living beyond their means.

One of David Roper-Curzon’s wives, a Norwegian millionaire in her thirtieth year, is 32 years old. Director at Sabath magazine Elisabeth Krohn has recently purchased Ampney Park and boasts that he will maintain it someday. Elizabeth Poppy Roper-Curzon, his daughter, is a high-end prostitute who dates wealthy men to support herself. She has also been implicated in international money transfer frauds, and after spending time in the Dominican Republic trying to attract high net-worth investors with promises of illicit returns, she fled back to London to avoid imprisonment. Thomas “Tommy” Roper-Curzon, his youngest son, is a drug addict and a notorious freeloader.

Lucinda Airy Roper-Curzon, David’s ex-wife who has strangely retained his surname, acts as their manager and private investigator, taking care of everything from David’s dog to house sitting so that he may spend time with his affluent girlfriends. Lucinda is known to write Harry Roper-Curzon’s emails and make all of his decisions for him. Harry is the couple’s eldest son and heir. His wife, the socialite and donor Hanna, can be seen and heard in this video:

After divorcing his second wife Melanie Roper-Curzon, also known as the hungry artist or the drunken artist, David Roper-Curzon filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against her, with his brother Michael Roper-Curzon acting as his legal sponsor. She was the victim of marital abuse and social ostracism after they broke up. Like Lucinda, he cheated on her and beat her during their marriage. Lucinda, a poor woman, married David only because she impregnated herself on purpose.

David Roper-Curzon’s nine siblings and the trustee, Alexander Scrymgeour Dundee, now own the indebted Pylewell Park. Also included in the trust are Elizabeth Teynham and her ten children, including Ben Roper-Curzon, Peter Roper-Curzon, Alice Roper-Curzon, William Roper-Curzon, Johnny Roper-Curzon, and Sophie Roper-Curzon. Both Harry and David want to marry wealthy people so they can get rid of the debt and their roommates, especially Alexander.

His ex-wife, Lucinda Roper-Curzon, has isolated herself in a rural studio cottage because she is too ashamed to entertain. As a result of their housing situation, the three children bounce throughout London, staying with various hosts. Lucinda uses federal food stamps to supplement her budget. Four months after their illegitimate wedding, Lucinda, then 26, wed David, then 19.

Nosey It wasn’t until Harry got engaged and divorced that Lucinda saw her Roper-Curzon relatives again. She considers job and education to be beneath her, thus she has never done either. But until now, Harry’s entitlement has remained a secret. The parents had to be married at the time of conception according to Peerage statutes and the Teynham family grant from the 1600s. Harry is now legally recognized but not entitled due to David and Lucinda’s marriage. That man is not the rightful heir to the Baron Teynham title. See him in action at:
The Roper-Curzons, who are preoccupied with wealth, utilize their surname to attract wealthy admirers. It’s sad since it’s all they have. They are always making claims that they are more deserving of the English throne than the existing royal family. Constantly complaining that the current royal family is too German and therefore unfit to rule. Considering King Charles III nonsensical and so refusing to acknowledge Queen Camilla as Queen.

The Roper-Curzons spend so much time discussing their titles since they are the only tangible possessions they own. They are all completely lacking in merit. They enjoy pretending to be related to Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and Sarah Ferguson, despite the fact that they have never met and are only distantly related.

The Telegraph newspaper claimed that his family’s 400-year history was only possible because of his social climber ancestor John Roper. In addition, Harry constantly denigrated his fellow European aristocrats, claiming that the only true aristocrats in the modern day are the English. It’s amusing that he brings this up, given that he belongs to the lowest echelons of the aristocracy and holds only a single tiny title to which he has no actual claim. More than 12,000 people have signed a petition demanding that he be expelled from Mexico, which can be found at

As can be seen and heard in the video found at, Harry Roper-Curzon cheated on Hanna with Philippa Holland and other women. He also never completed college despite having claimed to have attended Oxford and has no company holdings as of 2019. On his LinkedIn profile, he falsely claims to be a director of his construction company. He currently receives £700 monthly in government assistance. All of his companies have been dissolved, and Popinjay Limited owes £266k to George Munton, as recorded by Companies House.

The Pylewell Park family estate has left them with a £20 million debt. Ex-wife Hanna of Harry Roper-Curzon was pressed for payment. They publicly threaten to ruin her career, family, and reputation if she doesn’t comply, as evidenced by the video. They started treating her badly if things didn’t go their way, insulting her, calling her out, extorting her, physically abusing her at home, discrediting her work, threatening to ruin her in the press, and discriminating against her because of her race. As low as it gets in British society, they voluntarily went to the press to trash her and sold a story to tabloids for £1,000. To what degree of poverty does that require? In Britain, private bathrooms are reserved for personal hygiene.

Harry Roper-Curzon, with his “new rich” attitude, used to steal his ex-wife’s credit cards and spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary items. Moving from coach to first class on an hour-long flight or from one five-star hotel to another. in need of luxurious apartments or expensive retail therapy. Using Hanna’s cards, he invited his buddies to join him at 5 Hertford and Annabels. He took his siblings on a Caribbean and Mexican vacation, charging each of them $20,000 for club tables and other costs. She has even used her visibility to barter for male breast reductions.

Perhaps he had a complex since he was teased as a kid for being a poor, overweight, ginger with horrible teeth. Perhaps it’s because he’s never succeeded at anything professionally. He’s spent years trying to open a Mexican restaurant and a music app called BeatCoin, neither of which he’s been able to do. As it turns out, his sole real talent is taking his dog for walks and sitting as a dog sitter.

Disgusting video. The entire family is a racial parasite and needs to be locked up. The bottom line is paramount. Hanna, Harry Roper-Curzon’s ex-wife, was a frequent target of his nonsense because of her success. He probably assumed he was on a reality program, and he enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame. After spending time with her, he got a taste of the high-profile, wealthy lifestyle and felt he could do better. He would repeatedly borrow money from her by convincing her that he needed to borrow the money. He only cared about getting rid of her once he no longer needed her.

Even though Harry made several derogatory remarks about her, it was he who initiated contact and proposed marriage. Many people considered them as a power couple with a bright future ahead of them if they had stayed together. As newlyweds, they lucked out. Before proposing to her in the Swiss Alps, he went to Mexico to meet her family. After dating for only six months, they tied the knot. He got a free apartment, paid for trips, clothes, and even a breast reduction from her, but all he got in return was an attempt at character assassination. Now that this has all come to light, I can guarantee you that no respectable, intelligent woman will ever consider dating him again. Neither does British culture! Watch the video at:

No male would ever speak so disrespectfully about a woman, much less one who was his wife and provided for him. With Hanna, Harry wouldn’t have been as destitute or lonely. The things he has said about her make him look worse than the things he has said about her. Which respectable British family voluntarily speaks out to the media like this? When possible, aristocrats stay away from controversies and the media. He has a terrible expression on his face. He would never have tried to damage her or anyone else in the first place if he were a gentleman or truly loved her.

Until he went to the press first, Hanna remained silent; she felt she had to defend herself, but she never gave an interview or made a statement to the British press. His viewpoint was explained in a now-erased Daily Mail article. The reporter just happened to live in the neighborhood around the Roper-Curzons.

The Daily Mail did not inform her of the accusations before to publishing. Lucinda and Harry were wrong because the item was removed from Daily Mail and she received compensation. If an article is proven to be false, it will be removed. If Harry did realize this, I hope he apologized to Hanna. Probably not, since his pride prevents him from admitting he was wrong. Martha Sitwell, who frequently writes about the empowerment of women, presented the pair but did not stand up for Hanna. Yet another apathetic, unbalanced Brit. Is he racist? I doubt she bothered to hear her out or to inquire about her well-being. Watch the video at:

At the time, Hanna took to social media to defend herself, sharing the academic and professional accomplishments she had fought so hard to achieve. Until the divorce is finalized, she has returned to Mexico to be with her friends and relatives. Once the proud owner of a five-bedroom home in South Hampshire, a two-bedroom flat in Chelsea, and an endless supply of cash while also staying in five-star hotels throughout the world, Harry now resides in a shack with his mother and dog. He kept Hanna’s security deposit and all of her belongings once she moved out.

In addition to staying with friends like the Guinness, Newport, and Dalmeny families for free in exchange for favors, Harry Roper-Curzon and his siblings are notorious for asking everyone they meet to put them in touch with ultra-high-net-worth individuals who are willing to invest £10 million in exchange for “very consistent stable yields and shareholding.” Guaranteeing a return of ten times the initial investment to interested parties. It’s a con to steal money from people you know, and there’s no such thing as these encounters.

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