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Viewers of the 365 DNI boat love scene were persuaded that the actors were ‘having genuine sex.’

Erotic thriller 365DNI has viewers convinced that the actors were real women on camera.

The Polish film has just been released by Netflix and follows gorgeous sales manager Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) who meets the sexy mafia boss Massimo (Michele Morrone) who is a part of an Sicilian crime family.

Laura is abducted by Massimo who promises her one year to be in love with him.

The dangerous criminal quickly begins an extremely sexually erotic affair with Laura and Laura, who are extremely sexually explicit and sexually explicit scenes following.

Despite the disturbing nature of the pairing viewers were awestruck by how graphic the sex scenes in the show were and some even believed that one scene showed the actors engaging in sexual sexual relations.

The film begins midway through The lead romantics sexual sex for a long time on the yacht of Massimo, with their sex scenes being detailed.

Naturally, the viewers were on social media to discuss their feelings about the situation.

One Twitter user wrote: “i don’t think anything could convince me the actors in 365 dni weren’t having real sex during that yacht scene”.

A different viewer commented: “B***hhhh I was unable to breathe during that scene on the yacht in 365 days of dni.”

Another person who is a fan tweeted that “the yacht scene in 365 dni (on Netflix) is the only one that made me feel ALIVE, LMFAO where is my handsome mafia husband !!!!!!!! “.

“The movie 365 DNI is practically porn on netflix! You can’t tell me that yacht scene wasn’t real,” said another Netflix user.

Then, a other viewer said: “365 DNI is on Netflix and I’m saying is that entire scene on the yacht was real. Idc, it’s real.”

We can however verify that these scenes are pure acting.

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