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Was Lucci Smith ST Neots expecting a child? What Has Happened to Teddie Mitchell and Her Boyfriend?

Lucci Smith was pregnant with her son Teddie Mitchell whose biological father is unknown. The murder of her son is all over the place presently.

Lucci Smith and her boyfriend suddenly found themselves cast into the spotlight after her 11-week old son was reported passing away.

It is such a heartwrenching thing to say but the infant died with fractures to the skull, 17 broken ribs, collarbone, and brain damage.

The distressing murder of such an infant was documented in a documentary series 24 Hours in Police Custody which made rounds on the web.

It garnered substantial response and recognition after the first episode of the documentary series aired on network Channel 4.

Was Lucci Smith And Her BoyFriend from ST Neots Pregnant With Son Teddie Mitchell?

No, Lucci Smith, a mother of a baby from St Neots was not pregnant with her son Teddie Mitchell with her boyfriend Kate Micthell.

Her boyfriend Kate is not a biological father of the deceased infant. The intel of Teddie’s biological father hasn’t been uncovered on the web.

Reportedly, the mother lived with her son and boyfriend who is reportedly not the biological father of the child, in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

The two-part series documented the agonizing murder of the 11-week-old baby Mitchell above two years back in November 2019.

A year-long investigation unveiled the multiple horrific injuries the infant had to face in his short life, stated Detective Inspector Lucy Thompson.

The mother lied and acted as if she had no idea to Inspector Lucy Thompson who led the investigation initially to protect her boyfriend.

After rigorous investigation, he was found guilty of the fatal attack causing the death of a child. Kate was jailed for a minimum of 18 years.

The 11-week-old Teddie succumbed to multiple injuries after spending 10 days on life support in hospital on the 11th of November 2019.

Where Is Lucci Smith Now? Is She Arrested?

Initially, Lucci Smith was convicted of cruelty, however, was exonerated on charges after the court noted she cared and loved her son Teddie.

The court sentenced her to a two-year community order noting that she had already spent quite a few months in custody.

Her custody of two-year apparently will run through until 2023 until then she has been barred from activities with children.

Lucci Smith Age 

The mother of expired 11-week-old son Teddie Smith, Lucci Smith’s age is 30 years old, stated the article highlighting the murder.

Whereas her boyfriend Kate Mitchell is unveiled to have two years of age difference with her making him 32 years at present.

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