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What is Harvey Price’s age and current residence?

HARVEY Price was born with rare genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome.

He is now featuring in a BBC documentary Katie Price: What Harvey Did Next.

How old is Harvey Price?

Harvey Price was born on May 27, 2002 which makes him 19-years-old.

He was born with Prader-Willi syndrome – he is also partially blind and on the autistic spectrum.

Price has four half-siblings from his mum’s former marriages to Peter Andre and Kieran Hayler.

These include, Junior, born in 2005, and Princess, born in 2007, Jett, born in 2013, and Bunny, born in 2014.

Where does Harvey Price live?

In 2021 Harvey moved into residential National Star college in Cheltenham.

He lives there now in order to learn to be more independent but still have healthcare professionals on hand to help with his specific needs.

His journey to finding a college was documented alongside Katie in BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me, which went on to be nominated for a National Television Award.

Who is Harvey’s dad Dwight Yorke?

Former football pro Dwight Yorke is the biological father of Harvey Price.

After a brief relationship with Katie in 2001, their son was born.

Harvey was diagnosed with blindness and Prader-Willi syndrome, and he is also on the autistic spectrum.

The ex-Aston Villa and Manchester United forward initially denied Harvey was his, but the claims were proven wrong with a DNA test.

Katie has raised their son alone, and has previously publicly blasted him for not being a father figure – revealing that he hadn’t seen him for ten years.

Does Harvey have an Instagram account?

Harvey does have an Instagram – @officialmrharveyprice.

He currently has an impressive 35oK followers.

He shares pictures with his family.

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