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What is the identity of the IG Model Hot Sauce? On Reddit, Drake’s partner’s name and photo were revealed.

IG model hot sauce is the name given to Drake’s casual partner post a recent controversy and she is speculated to be his ex, Brittany Renner. Find her pictures on Reddit.

Drake aka Aubrey Drake Graham is a musical artist who is into rapping, singing, and acting. He is one of the biggest names in the entertainment arena and has a huge fan following around him.

Once in a while, the rapper gets into controversy but this time around, he has got into a very weird one. IG hot sauce model is trending everywhere and her version of the story with Drake is being shared on all social media platforms.

Fans are quite curious regarding the identity of the IG hot sauce model and most of them feel she is Drake’s ex Brittany Renner or maggiesmuffinss.

Who Is The IG Model Hot Sauce?

IG hot sauce model is speculated to be Drake’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Renner or maggiesmuffinss. However, her identity is still a mystery among the fans and the general public. She has created a drama around her relationship with one of the biggest rappers in today’s times and is there is hype created around her name.

According to the hot sauce model, she had sexual intercourse with Drake which was both casual and consensual. After the two were done, the model went to take the thrown condom to insert into her private part with the motive to impregnate herself.

This did not go well as the smart rapper had put the bottle of hot sauce into the used condom to kill the sperm. Now it is said that the model is all set to sue him for his action.

Is IG Model Hot Sauce Drake Ex Brittany Renner Or maggiesmuffinss?

IG model hot sauce, who is Drake’s casual partner has accused him of trying to harm her. The woman is rumored to be Brittany Renner. She was the ex-girlfriend of the rapper and the duo had quite a history together.

With all the rumors and speculations on social media, it is still not known who the woman is and people are trying to connect dots involving women Drake has been with in the past.

For now, we can say it is unclear if it is Drake’s ex maggiesmuffinss or not.

Find The IG Model Hot Sauce Name And Picture On Reddit

IG model hot sauce’s name is widely being discussed on Reddit along with pictures of potential women. However, her real name and picture are still a matter of discussion.

Reddit has always been a platform where youth talk about new happenings and this case is no different. There are memes being shared, truths being discussed but the identity of the real woman who accused Drake has not been found.

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