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What Is the Illness of John Sandon? Is The Expert From The Antique Roadshow Sick?

John Sandon was diagnosed with heart failure. How is his illness condition in 2021? Find it out. 

John is a well-known Antique expert and enthusiast who hosted the BBC show Antiques Roadshow. He is also an author who has published a total of 13 books on porcelain. His recent book was the Shire. 

Furthermore, he is the son of Henry Sandon, who is a notable authority on Royal Worcester porcelain and more. His father got voted the Antiques Personality of the Year by the readers of BBC’s Homes & antique magazine in 2000.

John Sandon Illness & Health Condition Update 2021

The Antique expert, John Sandon, suffered a serious illness of heart disease in the past. However, at present, he seems to be perfectly healthy.

In 2010, he had to call off the Everest trek at the last minute, as he started experiencing severe pain in the sciatic nerve. This left his wife, Kristin, to complete the trek by herself.

Later in 2011, John had to be rushed into hospital in Cardiff, where he got diagnosed with heart failure. After a series of treatments, he was back at his feet. His enthusiasm and dedication to his work have left everyone in shock.

In 2021, he is back with the same energy in the latest season of Antiques Roadshow.

Antiques Roadshow Expert, John Sandon Wife – Family Details

John Sandon is married to the love of his life, Kristin Sandon. The lovely couple has been married for decades now.

Furthermore, John and his wife share adventures together and have also documented their moments digitally.

Talking of his family details, his father, Henry Sandon, is an English antique expert, television personality, author, and lecturer specializing in ceramics. The biggest inspiration in his life was his father. Watching his father work every day on ceramics is what gave him his passion.

John left school at the age of 16 and decided to work in the footsteps of his father. He then started working at auction house Bonhams (formerly Phillips) in London in 1975. In addition, he quickly established himself as one of the porcelain specialists.

Over the years, he has co-authored many successful publications on ceramics. His first book Worcester Blue and White Porcelain came out in 1981. He found an efficient way to communicate with people and share his thoughts and knowledge with them. To this date, he has published a total of 13 books.

Moreover, he has been representing himself as an expert on the Television show Antiques Roadshow since 1997.

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