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What You Need To Know About Bitget  

Singapore-based Bitget is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers services worldwide. In addition to offering competitively low fees on both market segments, the exchange also offers a copy trading feature that is extremely popular and creates a passive income stream for both traders and followers. The majority of traders who sign up for a Bitget account won’t find themselves disappointed, as the exchange’s KYC procedure is optional, and informative prompts explain the exchange’s inner workings. 

Bitget Fees  

There are a number of small fees associated with Bitget. A maker trade is charged 0.1%, while a taker trade is charged 0.06%. For futures, both maker and taker fees are 0.1% for maker trades and 0.06% for taker trades. Furthermore, users may pay fees with BGB tokens, which reduces fees by 20%. As a result of these periodic fee corrections, the platform is now one of the best trading platforms in the market.  

Aside from that, Bitget does not charge any deposit fees, so you can send as much money to your Bitget account as you like. On the other hand, withdrawal fees and minimum withdrawal amounts can be found on the platform’s website, since it offers more than 220 different assets, as well as different base networks for each of them.  

Bitget Copy Trading  

With Bitget’s copy trading feature, beginners can open positions with just one click by following experienced traders. As a beginner, you can earn passive income effortlessly, while as an experienced trader, you will share your strategies and receive a small portion of your followers’ profits.  

Over 17,000 traders have used the Bitget platform since it launched, placing a total of 20.45 million orders. Copy trade can generate up to 8% profit for traders. Besides being very user-friendly, there is a lot of activity on the site. 

Methods of depositing and withdrawing from Bitget  

Having a Crypto exchange account is easy because you can transfer existing cryptos from your own to your Bitget account by simply sending them over. By 2021, the exchange introduced two payment gateways that accept VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Google Pay as payment methods, which support VISA, MasterCard, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Exchanges do not charge deposit fees, but payment gateways do charge fees, which are independent of the exchange. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the exchange does not charge deposit fees.  

Choosing the asset you want to deposit (as well as the chain it is on, if applicable) is as easy as clicking on the Deposit option. If this is your first time depositing, the exchange will give you your wallet address so you can copy it to your wallet or scan it with your phone. 

Final thoughts  

Whether you’re a new trader or a seasoned pro, Bitget is a great one-stop shop. They are short enough to be ignored by professionals who know everything about crypto trading, without seeming patronizing, and they are helpful in keeping people informed of the entire trading process without seeming patronizing. Sharing knowledge through trading strategies is made easier by the straightforward way to copy trading. Furthermore, for the peace of mind of its customers, the exchange would benefit from making its existing security measures more transparent. In spite of this, it’s highly helpful and has competitively low fees, so it’s a great option for most crypto traders. 

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