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What’s going on with that sex tape involving Kim K. and Ray J

Ray J’s threat to sue Kris Jenner for his treatment after the 2007 revelation of his and Kardashian’s sex tape has brought up the couple’s past relationship once again.

The new reality show about the renowned family, The Kardashians, brought up the sex tape once again. The singer then took to social media to accuse Kardashian of spreading false information about the uncut video. But, Kris Jenner took a lie detector exam earlier this week and denied she was responsible for releasing the tape. Ray J responded on social media, saying the 66-year-old manager was behind the decision to publicly disclose the audio recording.

The sex tape scandal between Ray J and Kim Kardashian is broken down here.

Kim Kardashian and her then-boyfriend Ray J made a sex tape in 2003, and in the inaugural episode of The Kardashians on Hulu and Disney+, Saint West, Kim’s six-year-old kid, discovered a link online that seemed to reveal unreleased footage from the tape.
In the third episode, the night before she hosted Saturday Night Live, Kanye West flew from New York to Los Angeles and back to retrieve the hard drive containing the unseen sex film. The rapper, now known as Ye, claimed to have seen Ray J in person at an airport.
Ray J said the reality star lied on The Kardashians after the episode aired, which was shot in October 2021. Ray J responded to an Instagram clip of the episode released by celebrity gossip account Hollywood Unlocked by writing, “All of this is a lie smh – Can’t let them do this anymore – so untrue.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail published several weeks later, the 41-year-old actor stated that his encounter with West did not go as shown on the show. Apparently, Ray J only kept images and texts from their connection, which he eventually gave to West, and Kardashian has always had the unreleased sex video footage.

“I’ve sat in the shadows for over 14 years allowing the Kardashians to use my name, to misuse my name, and make billions of dollars over a decade and a half talking about a topic I’ve never actually spoken about,” he told the outlet in May.
The father of two also said that Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s mother, was behind the initial 2007 publication of the sex tape and the subsequent revision of the storyline in The Kardashians.

Never have I revealed any information. To this day, I have never shared a sex tape with anyone. Never has there been a leak, he assured me. Kris Jenner, Kim, and I have been business partners from the very beginning, so there’s never been any question about who pays for what.

Ray J alleges that SKIMS’s original creator enlisted Kris Jenner to help coordinate the film’s release with Vivid Entertainment. Ray J and Kardashian agreed to make three videos as part of their deal.
Ray J claims that Kardashian has been holding on to further footage until today, despite only releasing a single clip. Screenshots of direct messages (DMs) between Ray J and Kim Kardashian on Instagram were included in the interview. Your mother was the mastermind behind the sex tapes.”

Kris Jenner took a lie detector exam on The Late Late Show with James Corden on September 8 and denied leaking the sex tape. Did you aid in the distribution of Kim’s sex tape? The manager, who was part of the machine, was asked a question by Corden.

The truthfulness of her “no” was confirmed by the lie detector.

“That’s great. We resolved that,” she continued.
Nevertheless, over the weekend, Ray J posted several critical Instagram videos and livestreams about Kris Jenner. Ray J accused Jenner and Kardashian of “defaming” him and “trying to make him appear bad” in a video posted on September 10, and said he would be “looking through receipts tonight” to show Jenner’s involvement in the sex tape release.

In the video’s description, he said, “YOU [f***ed] with THE WRONG BLACK MAN.” “krisjenner @kimkardashian”
Later that night, Ray J went on Instagram Live and broadcast private conversations he had exchanged with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in October, while he was trying to get his hands on the unreleased sex tape footage, for public consumption. According to the singer, Jenner viewed the tape and insisted that she and West reshoot the video before releasing it because “it gives my daughter a better appearance.”
Ray J continued to display his communications with Kardashian the night after the April premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. When the music video was released in 2007, the singer displayed excerpts from the contract he had signed with Vivid Entertainment. When his Instagram Live session ended, he declared, “This ain’t over.”

Kim K. and Kris Jenner have been silent about Ray J.’s allegations.

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