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What’s Next for Britain’s RICHEST Businessman Charlie Mullins, Who Now Has £140 Million?

Despite the £140 million sale of his former company, Pimlico Plumbers, Charlie Mullins OBE has no plans to slow down. He started working at the young age of 10, when he skipped school to earn 2 bob (10p) a day with a local plumber.

A London penthouse overlooking the River Thames, a multi-million-pound villa in Marbella, and a small portfolio of luxury villas, as well as regular familiarity with sumptuous suites in Dubai through his private jet, all speak eloquently about his penchant for the high life. Now that he has moved away from the hard work of the trades, Mullins wants to leave a lasting legacy through his new endeavors.

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Medium-confidence, computer-generated descriptionBritish citizens are familiar with this businessman thanks to his media appearances, newspaper writings, and upcoming television series. After proving his worth as a business advisor to George Osborne and David Cameron, a no-nonsense and outspoken entrepreneur is now establishing himself in the entertainment industry.

He invested in “a chunk” of Great British Radio, a station broadcasting online and via digital audio broadcasting (DAB) across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, North London, Surrey, and South London, with the intention of helping it displace the tedium of the radio waves, which are too frequently dominated by the depressing 24-hour news cycle. Instead, Great British Radio plays cheery, contemporary music and incorporates humorous, upbeat interviews and skits on a regular basis (promising “a laugh every 10 minutes”).

Comedian and former radio host Mike Osman came up with the idea for the station, and he is counting on Charlie Mullins’ help as the station’s chairman to make it a reality. Eminent voices like Chris Tarrant, Joe Pasquale, and Harry Redknapp are just a few of the notable guests who have already graced the show.

In preparation for the publication of her debut album next year, Charlie Mullins’ fiancée, the amazing vocalist RaRa, has offered the former plumbing king the role of business counselor.

This group’s music is rooted in the sultry tones of southern soul, with inspiration coming from a wide variety of sources, including Amy Winehouse, Dusty Springfield, and Aretha Franklin. Like many other music fans, Mullins was definitely captivated by RaRa’s captivating sound and kinetic stage presence during her performances.

RaRa just got back from Nashville, where she recorded her debut album with the legendary musicians responsible for creating the Muscle Shoals sound. Sound Kitchen Studios, which has hosted the likes of Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Elton John, hosted the recording session.

This up-and-coming performer is now being managed by Girls Aloud alumna Hilary Shaw. Already a hot topic in the United Kingdom and the United States, RaRa’s record release in 2023 is eagerly anticipated on both sides of the Atlantic.

Charlie Mullins will have his hands full between Great British Radio and its stated objective of not airing regular news bulletins in favor of more lighthearted, entertaining programming.

The new business tycoon will undoubtedly apply the same dogged determination that made Pimlico Plumbers so successful to his two new enterprises.

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