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Why are portable card machines popular with small businesses?

Why are portable card machines popular with small businesses?

For small and medium-sized businesses, using portable card machines can offer so many benefits – and not just to the business.

Whether the business is a local, independent shop, a restaurant or a bar, a portable card machine is a popular choice for many. But, why?

What is the reason behind so many small businesses choosing to use portable card machines, and what’s so different from a countertop card machine?

Read this blog to discover why, and how they’re used so effectively.

What is a portable card machine?

A portable card machine is a more transportable version of the traditional countertop card machine. While countertop machines need to be wired into an internet or network connection, a portable card machine does not and can be carried around a shop or hospitality business.

A portable card machine can take contactless payment from credit cards, debit cards and even smart devices, like phones and watches. They’re also able to take chip and PIN payments, if needed, though the most popular form of transaction in 2024 is most definitely contactless.

What are the benefits of using a portable card machine?

As you can imagine, there are several benefits to using a portable card machine, which is why so many businesses now use them. The main benefit, of course, is the portability of the card reader. The ability to move around any part of the business premises to accept card payments from a customer makes an almighty difference for businesses of all sizes.

Here’s a selection of the key benefits a portable card machine offers:

Speeds up the checkout process

It goes without saying, but if a customer is made to wait for an extended period, the chances of them completing a purchase will decrease. If a business has one countertop card machine, during busy periods, queues will form, causing huge delays and growing frustration.

A difficult and annoying experience like this can often result in customers turning their noses up at a return visit. With portable card machines, all customers can be served anywhere on the premises. So, for restaurants, cafes or bars, the customer can pay their bill while seated at their table, rather than standing in a long queue waiting for their turn.

Improves a business’ appearance

If a business would like to attract customers to walk through their doors, a long queue is an unsightly scene. A countertop card machine can cause long wait times and queues, sometimes out the front door when particularly busy.

Get rid of overcrowding and queues with a portable card machine and make your storefront a lot more appealing.

Reliable wireless connectivity

While countertop card machines do have a wired connection to a network, and offer a reliable, consistent service – portable card machines can also provide great service.

Portable card machines can connect to either a WiFi or 4G network, giving a solid, reliable connection to every part of your premises – not just limiting yourself to one point.

Enhanced security

Portable card machines offer plenty of security for customer’s vital financial information. All modern card machines comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard security measures, offering both business and customer security.

Rechargeable battery

Due to not being attached to a single, stationary point, portable card machines have built-in rechargeable batteries. With an extra-long life battery, businesses can serve customers easily all day long before having to recharge after closing time.

Which type of businesses typically use portable card machines?

There is a wide range of businesses, in varying industries, that make use of portable card machines day-to-day.

Here is a selection of the most common:

  • Butchers
  • Car Servicing / Sales
  • DIY Stores
  • Florists
  • Golf Clubs
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Wedding Services
  • Cafes
  • Convenience Stores
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Funeral Directors
  • Guest Houses
  • Jewellers
  • Takeaways

Reliable portable card machines

If you run a business of any size and feel like a countertop card machine is holding you back, pick up a portable card machine and transform the way you serve your customers.

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