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Why improve mobile signals in hospitals?

Why improve mobile signals in hospitals?

There are over 1,500 hospitals in the UK. Each one contains many patients who may be confused and upset. They are going through a difficult period of life. They need the help of a doctor and the support of their relatives. It is not always possible for a loved one to be with the patient in the hospital. So, cellular communication in hospitals is essential. Unfortunately, hospitals often have a poor, weak mobile signal. And this has a detrimental effect on the psychological state of people. Improving your psychological state from a conversation with a loved one can also positively affect your physical well-being. This problem is especially acute during epidemics when many people are hospitalized.

It is necessary to improve cell service in hospitals. We will explain how to do it. 

What is cellular service like in hospitals?

Alas, cellular communication in hospitals, in most cases, leaves much to be desired. What is this connected with? Firstly, hospital buildings are typically made of concrete and steel, which block or significantly degrade cellular signals. Hospitals also use a large amount of medical equipment, which can cause significant interference in cellular communications. Hospitals always have a lot of visitors who use their mobile devices, which may also reduce signal quality. 

Use of gadgets in the hospital 

One study examined how important it is for patients to be able to use gadgets while in the hospital. 56% of patients brought a smartphone, and 95% used it during their hospital stay. 68% of patients brought at least one mobile computing device during their hospital stay. Device use was highest among cancer patients at 85% and lowest among medical patients at 54%. Unsurprisingly, patients under challenging situations need distraction, communication, and searching for information. Patients, clinic workers, and relatives of the patient need good cellular communication. If you urgently need to improve cellular communication in a hospital, purchase a mobile signal booster from UCtel.

What does poor communication in hospitals lead to?

Of course, good cellular communication is essential for all people in the hospital. Unfortunately, it is often a poor mobile signal in hospitals.

As a result, many patients are left without the ability to urgently ask for help, report illness, communicate with relatives, and receive emotional support. It can also significantly complicate the treatment process and sometimes lead to dire consequences for the health and life of patients.

Physicians are also experiencing difficulties with mobile communications. It is terrible because they must quickly solve emerging problems –  the patient’s life depends on them! 

Patients and hospital staff may be isolated from the outside world without telephone contact. Doctors who sometimes have to stay in the hospital for days to save the lives of patients may also be upset at not being able to call their families. Communication between patients and doctors may be disrupted. Mobile communications with interference may make it difficult for people to access information about analysis and tests.

So, we can highlight several points as to why high-quality and interference-free mobile communications are so important in a hospital:

  • This is an opportunity for patients to seek help urgently, if necessary.
  • It is an opportunity for the clinic’s patients to stay in touch with family and friends and receive moral support.
  • It is a chance to constantly access the necessary information: medication schedule and test results. The patient should be able to obtain information regarding everything that interests him.
  • It is a chance for patients and doctors to connect with the outside world.
  • It is a chance for patients to contact their relatives, which is important for the patients’ psychological state.  

The role of mobile communications in improving hospital care:

  1. Reliable mobile communications can be used to provide patients with quality telemedicine services. 
  2. Reliable mobile communications can connect smart devices, such as monitors and sensors, without which it isn’t easy to imagine modern medicine. It helps healthcare workers track the condition of patients. Treatment is becoming increasingly personalized, and excellent cellular communications play a huge role in this.
  3. High-quality mobile communications can be used for video chat between patients and their loved ones. It allows you to normalize the patient’s condition, improve their mood, and reduce anxiety. It is an excellent opportunity to help the patient feel better, which will immediately affect both his physical condition and the treatment process.
  4. High-quality mobile communications have an excellent impact on the quality of patient care in hospitals. It improves patient safety, opens up new opportunities, and allows them to receive helpful information or relax.  

How to improve cellular communications in hospitals

You are already convinced that cellular communication is needed in a hospital. It is quite possible to improve hospital cell service. What does that require:

  • Installing additional base stations will improve cellular coverage in hospitals. 
  • New cellular standards such as 5G can provide better coverage in hospitals.
  • The use of interference-resistant technologies can also help improve communication quality, for example, by reducing the negative impact of building materials and medical equipment on the communication signal. 

Poor communication in the hospital — what to do

What do you do right now when you urgently need high-quality cellular communication? 

Try switching various “G” modes. Or go to the window. Alas, this is only a temporary solution. We’ve got something better to recommend. Order the great Mobile Signal Booster from UCtel. It’s easy to install and can boost your mobile signal strength and frequency. It meets Ofcom requirements and all regulatory requirements. Enhance cell service in UK hospitals — it’s real!


UCtel specialists have extensive experience in developing solutions. Improving the quality of communication. The issue of improving the quality of communication in hospitals is especially relevant where patients are in a vulnerable state, confused, and need the support of their relatives. They may need the opportunity to seek help at any time.

Highly effective solutions will help solve the problem of poor cellular communication. Strengthening the signal for hospitals helps medical staff coordinate their work and helps patients receive quality treatment and stay in touch with their families.

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