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5 Signs Your Door Needs To Be Changed

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Doors are often the focal point of our homes. They are the entrance and exit to our living space, and many people invest time and effort into getting customised doors built to suit their home decor theme.

However, door maintenance is often overlooked by homeowners. While you can always opt for high-quality doors in Leicester to ensure minimum maintenance does wonders, there are often chances that your main door needs to be replaced. There are, in fact, many signs that your door needs to be changed. Look out for these telltale signs and make the right choice at the right time!

5 Signs It Is Time To Consider Getting A New Door For Your Living Space

  1. The front door is difficult to open and close: Is using your front door equivalent to wrestling with a bear? Does it take a lot of effort just to get the door moving? And do you often find yourself tugging at the door in an attempt to close it shut properly? You have tried multiple lubricants for the hinges, and yet nothing opening & closing the door is still a nightmare?

These are not mere seasonal coincidences. These are clear signs that your door is unable to move with ease. It usually happens due to swelling and warping of the wood. If your household has pets and children, these doors can especially become challenging as they can cause grave injuries while being difficult to operate.

  1. There are signs of physical damage: The most obvious sign that your door needs to be replaced, which is often overlooked as well, is signs of physical damage. These can include scratches, chipping, cracks, and even mould showing up on the door.

Many homeowners confuse these signs with a lack of cleaning and might end up using chemical cleaning agents on them. The chemicals present in these cleaning agents often get into the cracks and scratches, causing future damage to the door’s structure. If your door has visible signs of damage, consider getting in touch with experts.

  1. You are always double-checking the doors: An inefficient front door can make your living space vulnerable to break-ins, vandalism, burglary, and more. If your door doesn’t lock properly despite putting in the keys right and you are often double (and sometimes triple) checking if it is locked well, then you must urgently consider getting your door repaired or replaced with a new one.

    There are ample lock varieties available that you can use to safeguard your living space. These even include traditional locks, in-built locks, and even smart locks that can connect to the WiFi.
  1. You can see moisture between the panes of glass: If your door has glass detailing in it, check if the panes have moisture deposits on them. If you see moisture, it indicates that the window seals have been compromised, and there is space for moisture (and even rainwater) to get in. This can severely hamper the efficiency of your door and expose it to fungal and mould development as moisture builds up.

UK homes are always vulnerable to mould growth, and while you could be doing everything to keep your home safe, the moisture hidden in the panes of your door’s glass could be a Trojan Horse.

  1. Your door has celebrated too many birthdays: Instead of always looking for hidden or surprising signs, sometimes we miss out on the most basic sign, indicating that your house needs a new door – your door is just too old now. It has been there ever since you moved in.

While many times we indulge in upgrading our home with new themes, decor, and furniture, we often forget about our doors and windows. They protect us 24/7 by withstanding the harsh weather, and as they age, their ability to stay sturdy and protect also declines.

Keeping your doors and windows maintained can do wonders for your living space, but sometimes, you may have to simply get rid of the old and welcome the new. 

Parting words

Even though sometimes we do not realise, our front doors shield us from the harsh weather and human elements and create personal space for everyone. They are the unfiltered guards that give us the privacy and peace of mind that nothing can get in without our permission. 

However, sometimes we do not realise that they are ageing as well and require everyday care and attention. If your door is creaking, is hard to open, or has been around for too long, maybe it is best to get in touch with an expert to identify if it is time for a change and how you can get it done professionally. Avoid trying any DIY hacks that claim to restore your door’s health back to new, as there’s always a chance the items used in these tricks can magnify the existing degree of damage.

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