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5 Tips to Avoid Boring Your Audience with Your Presentation

Whether giving a keynote at a huge conference or presenting to coworkers at work, slide presentations offer an effective and vital way to share information. Most slide presentations are straightforward to use, offer a perfect way to combine text, videos, and images, and require little training. So why are many presentations boring?

All resources are available to help create compelling, engaging, and eye-catching presentations, but in most cases, the connection with the audience is lost. So what do most speakers do? Many go on talking even when there’s nobody anymore. But that isn’t recommended. Luckily, there are four tips to help you ensure that your next conference presentation isn’t boring, which include the following.

Involve Your Audience

Don’t just speak to your audience or give a lecture; try as much as possible to involve your audience. Get everybody doing something or thinking about what you’re presenting. Utilize these four letters; T, S, A, S, which stand for Tell, Show, Ask, and Share.

Tell your audience something, illustrate it to them, request them to think about how it can apply in real life or their respective situations, and allow them to share with their friends or people next to them.

If you utilize this strategy every ten to fifteen minutes within your conference presentation, you’ll keep your audience engaged, thinking and relating the information to their unique circumstances.

Show Your Audience That You Really Care About Them

To convert your boring presentation into a lively one, you need to demonstrate that it’s all about the people you’re presenting to and that it was designed to provide solutions to their problems and concerns.

Ask yourself, what is in it for the audience? If you get a perfect answer to this question, then your presentation will be engaging, and it’ll keep your audience active.

Show Real Life Examples

Using real-life examples isn’t possible and relevant in all presentations. If your presentation supports real-life examples, you should utilize them.

You can demonstrate real-life examples through images, software demos, videos, or other methods, such as online search. If you can access a live model, show it by accessing it in real time.

Use Simple Terms

Strive to use a language that your audience will fall in love with. Make everything as simple as possible for your audience to understand and relate to.

If you’re using difficult terms that they don’t understand, there is no way they’ll hang on until the last minute. So ensure you speak their language and simplify any complex term or phrase.

Keep Everything Short and Sweet

People love shortcuts and sweet things, so you should try to keep your presentation short and honeyed as much as possible.

Repeating the same thing or looking for different ways to pass the same information over and over will undoubtedly have your audience dropping within the shortest time. Ensure you have a blend of short, helpful, and meaningful topics to discuss and that you do so briefly.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that a conference presentation isn’t just about sharing information, statistics, and facts. It must be passionate, engaging, and relevant. So when preparing for a presentation, you should know the size of your audience, how long it’ll take, and the resources you’ll need. This information will help you have a lively presentation that isn’t boring at all.

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