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6 Reasons Why a Copy Editor Is Essential to Attain Your Marketing Goals

If there is a marketing team member with a vital role in ensuring an effective marketing campaign, it is the copy editor. Having an online presence is fundamental to your brand. 

But, if your content struggles to keep up with the increasingly high standards today, it is time to rethink your action plan.

Content has become a valuable form of marketing today, and many companies now rely on it to maintain or improve their lead. 

It is one thing to produce content, but making sure your content is flawless is another point. Thus, a copy editor is a crucial addition to any marketing strategy.

What is a copy editor?

A copy editor performs proofreading, copy editing, and fact-checking tasks to ascertain that a piece of writing is ready for publishing. 

The importance of copy editing is such that industry experts view copy editors as a primary part of the commercial writing business, and in this Ship 30 for 30 post will show and guide you how to write a viral content.

Sometimes referred to as the grammatical gatekeepers of the media, content editors check content for everything. A content editor finds and corrects issues such as:

  • Typos
  • Errant punctuation marks
  • Poor word choice
  • Awkward syntax
  • Contradictory tone and style
  • Nonsensical sentences

The goal of a content editor is to improve the overall quality of content before publishing it. Being a content editor can be challenging because you will be wearing different hats.

How is a content editor vital to your marketing team?

It is only possible to imagine a marketing team with a content editor, especially these days when content is king. Likewise, fact-based and credible content is now a priority for content creators.

People rely on the Internet to find information essential in their daily life, such as when making purchases. Consumers want to learn more about products and services and their value before they spend their money. 

A marketing team will use these points to help customers make better financial decisions. For your marketing strategy to be effective, you need a copy editor who ensures that the content produced is easy to understand, error-free, and factual. 

6 Reasons Why a Copy Editor Helps You Attain Your Marketing Targets

Below are some reasons why an efficient copy editor helps you reach the marketing goals you have set for your business.

Helps prevent content fatigue

The Internet regularly churns out a deluge of content, producing 1.145 trillion MB of data daily. Online audiences can only consume a little since most adults spend only a few hours daily.

A copy editor helps businesses to fight this burnout by streamlining content to make it simple and easy to read. They do this by optimizing articles and marketing copies.

Therefore, the copy editor enables companies to obtain better SEO results that bring their content to the target audience.

Improves writers’ skills

A copywriter creates content to attract readers with the ultimate purpose of turning them into buyers. A copy editor performs the following:

  • Reviews the text for errors
  • Ensures it adheres to set standards
  • Corrects inaccuracies
  • Fine-tunes the content until it is ready for the target audience

Through all these, the copy editor provides constructive criticism that furthers writers’ skills as content producers. Acting as a writing coach, the copy editor becomes instrumental in helping writers improve their profession.

Uncovers more errors than Grammarly

Grammarly and other AI software in use today can never replace the expertise that a copy editor brings to the table. In other words, algorithms cannot substitute human comprehension.

Grammarly is adept at making content more concise and error-free. But, it sometimes gives erroneous suggestions that many writers follow.

It causes writers to introduce inaccuracies in their content when they heed the tool. However, trained copy editors do not merely suggest since they also correct mistakes without hedging.

Improves content readability

The readability of a write-up is vital to your marketing strategy. The reason is that there is an endless stream of information bombarding people every day. 

Readability helps retain the attention of your target audience. A copy editor is an expert in revising content to improve its readability and make it easy to understand for readers with a short attention span. 

The task will typically involve three steps:

  • Breaking up long sentences into two or three shorter ones
  • Limiting the number of lines in a paragraph, or,
  • Breaking up content by using a bullet list.

Ensures that published content aligns with a client’s goal

Copy editors do not just ensure that writers produce quality and error-free content, and they also make sure that the content fits the client’s business goals. 

The copy editor develops plans and methods to implement the overall marketing strategy. The copy editor works out writing efforts and outlines an editorial calendar that meets client requirements. 

The marketing team will then stick to the details that target a strategic timeline. The chief objective is to bring everyone on the same page and work toward a common purpose.

Keeps the respect of readers

If you are building or maintaining a brand, errors have no place in whatever content you produce for your intended audience. Writers, even those with exceptional skills, make mistakes. 

To keep the stellar reputation of your website, you need to make sure errors do not appear on any content connected to your brand. 

With the proficiency of a copy editor, you can avoid such incidents. Having a different perspective allows an editor to detect blunders that writers may have overlooked unintentionally. 

Having a detached view, a copy editor can easily see if there is room for improvement. All these prove how paramount a copy editor is to a marketing team.

Final Thoughts

Creating content is essential, but ensuring the content is free from any error is priceless. It is why your marketing campaign can hugely benefit from having the expertise of a copy editor. 

Writers will focus on their creative tasks of producing quality content. Copy editors will make sure that everything is in place.

With this powerful combination of skills, you can be sure that every type of content you release to your target market is reliable and trustworthy. 

Plus, you have a team who works toward a common purpose, which is to help your business attain its marketing goals.

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