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A Guide to Serviced Offices

A Guide to Serviced Offices

The work environment dramatically changed over the past three years. Thankfully, the world has shifted away from cubicles and shared office spaces. A service office has offered an alternative between these two options. You can comfortably work in your own private space where you control the results. This office space gives you access to administrative and technical support.

What Are Serviced Offices?

A serviced office is another name for a serviced workplace. They are also referred to as commercial spaces, executive suites, flexible offices, and managed offices. You have complete control over renting as much office space as you need. This saves you money since you will not pay more than what is required.

The reason why these offices are called “serviced” is that they include amenities such as administrative support, IT support, facility management, and a fully functioning kitchen. You get to work within a private office complete with furnishings and a locked door. This allows you to work quietly without any panels or walls that make it feel like a cubicle.

Who Uses A Serviced Office?

These office spaces are ideal for startups, small businesses, pop-up shops, and businesses that are tapping into a new market. Businesses that are testing a new market can benefit from a short-term rental around the country.

Also, businesses that are experiencing substantial growth might want an office that does not come with long-term commitment. Those who have a contract or project to fulfill will benefit from this short-term solution that can be adjusted according to the terms.

What Does It Include?

A serviced office offers more than just an office with four walls and a door. It has access to facilities outside the office that people can use. For example, some include boardrooms, conference rooms, and meeting spaces. Some even come with a fully stocked cafe or kitchen area that includes coffee and tea, healthy snacks, fresh fruit, and baked sweets.

Employees are embracing the “new normal.” However, they no longer want to be stuck at home, working remotely. As these changes take shape, this office space will continue to grow and expand with the changing interests and demands of workers.

What Are The Benefits?

Aside from the amenities that come with serviced officers, there are other added benefits. Most of them come equipped with Wi-Fi or high-speed internet. It comes with free access to an IT support team in the event that something happens. Each of these facilities is move-in ready and furnished so that you can get to work right away.

These shared spaces are located throughout the globe, including the busiest cities. Another added benefit of using a serviced office is the flexible options it provides. You can get an office immediately and use it as your business grows. It is easy to book a serviced office. You will have your own running office on the first day.

Find a Serviced Office Near You

Renting a serviced office will remove unnecessary stress associated with finding office space. You get instant access to administrative and IT access. It is no wonder why they are more popular than ever. You will find them in bustling cities, such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

There are even office spaces available for short-term rentals in the UK. It is not just the U.S. that has these shared spaces. Visit Ethical Property to learn more about serviced offices. Ethical Property is a service provider for office spaces around the UK.

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