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How can I effectively develop my powers of observation and attention?

Modern people, especially since the advent of cell phones and social networks, sometimes find it very difficult to concentrate on something. Too much information over time relaxes a person’s attention, and sometimes it comes to absurd things when we do not remember what we ate in the morning, where we put our house keys just an hour ago, when we spent 2 hours in casinos 10 minimum deposit. So today we will try to find ways to develop attention and observation, so that you do not miss important details and can find the important among the great flow of information.

Ways to develop concentration, attention, and observation effectively

   Surrounding reality

Daily, when you go somewhere, for example, to work, try to notice as many different details on the way, instead of being immersed in your own thoughts. Otherwise, it happens that we are so preoccupied that we lose sight of a large number of events and, in general, life flies by very quickly.

But on the way back, remember what you saw earlier. At first, you will have to make an effort to “bring yourself back” to the surrounding reality every time.

But during the time of training such a method will teach you observation, you unconsciously will begin to catch the nuances that will “catch” your eye, as well as remember more information.


Pick a time so you won’t be disturbed for 15 minutes, sit comfortably, time yourself and do it step by step:

• For the first 5 minutes, mentally or aloud list what you see in front of you.

• For the next 5 minutes, keep track of all the sounds that come to you.

• And for the last 5 minutes, concentrate on the feelings you’re experiencing at that moment and the sensations in your body.

These tasks will help you learn mindfulness as you comprehensively grasp information from the various senses.

Two hemispheres of the brain

Excellent for developing concentration are the ways that involve both hemispheres of the brain at the same time.

For example, take a sheet of paper and two pens. Measure the time, let’s say 1 minute, during which simultaneously draw as many circles as possible with one hand and triangles with the other. The circles should be even and the triangles sharp. The minimum number of pairs should be a number of 5.

Fix two pens in one hand with different fingers, which should also draw different shapes at the same time. This exercise is more difficult, in which case, allot yourself at least 5 minutes to get at least one pair. The same can be repeated by playing two games at the same time, for example, in a live online casino UK running slots and opening blackjack.

   External Distractions

Practice not being distracted by external stimuli. For example, while doing work or reading a book, put on your favorite songs for background, which usually make you want to sing along or dance.


Now, on the contrary, turn on the music very quietly and listen to the words. It is important that the songs are not familiar to you. Try to listen to the words, the changes in the timbre of the voice, and the musical transitions. You can’t do everything at once. That is why during the first hearing, pay full attention to the words, and then during the second hearing, notice the other nuances and so on.


Already much has been said about the effectiveness of meditation and the performance of techniques for proper breathing, and that through the practice a person very quickly develops mindfulness, because all the exercises largely consist of concentrating on breathing, internal sensations, candle flame, thoughts, etc.

   Attention to detail

Look around your room or office every day. It seems to be your usual space, which you manage and know everything, but you will be surprised how so many trivial and simple things you do not notice. So when you have a break, or have a free minute, look around, and then close your eyes and try to imagine as many details as possible: what exactly is on the table, how…


Somewhere on the street or indoors, it does not matter, pay attention to a stranger, look at him for 4-5 seconds, then look away and try to remember the details of his appearance and clothing. There should be at least 10. Then look back at him to check the result.


Put an object in front of you, for example, a pencil. And for 5 minutes concentrate only on it. Each time you are distracted, check the box and go back to do the task. Over time you will notice that there will be fewer ticks, because you will improve your performance with consistent practice and you will also see when your level of attention drops and when it increases.


At the moment these are all the most effective ways, but you can also install special programs and games, with the help of which you will practice, a comprehensive approach will bring better results, your brain will always be in tone, and then you will perform faster and more efficiently, and therefore achieve the necessary results. Good luck!

Disclaimer: Content is for informational purposes only. Gambling may lead to addiction and financial loss. Play responsibly. Seek help if needed. Not an endorsement of gambling.

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