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Aaron Willis, The Apprentice: Who Is He? Additional Information About The Flight Operations Instructor

Aaron Willis is a Flight Operators Instructor and a contestant on The Apprentice, who is looking forward to winning over Lord Alan Sugar. 

As The Apprentice is returning to the screens, it introduces us to one of the contestants of the show, Aaron Willis. He is one of the 16 contenders who is looking forward to winning a whopping amount of £250,000 for his business. 

The viewers of the show will be watching Lord Alan Sugar fire someone on the show after two years. The contestants of the show will be trying to impress Lord Alan Sugar and his aides with a bag of prize money to further their business. 

The Apprentice was aired on BBC on Thursday on 6th January 2022 at 9 pm. rtAs the show watchers of the show will witness Willis’ journey on the reality show, here is something you need to know about him. 

Who Is Aaron Willis On The Apprentice? Wikipedia & Age Explored

Aaron Willis is a Flight Operator Instructor from Chorley, Lancashire. He has served in the RAF for 12 years with his tenure as an Instructor. Wills has yet to have his autonomous page on official Wikipedia.

Reportedly, his age is 38 years old age of 2022.  Prior to becoming a flight operator instructor, he has also served in other fields too.

In the past, he has worked as a milkman, horseman, and butcher. As he appears on the show, he is now all set to start his own security business. 

When asked about joining The Apprentice cast, he revealed he know his strength and plans to use them. Willis further explained that one of his strongest points is that he can sell to everybody. That is why he thinks this is the reason why his business will be successful. 

How Rich Is Aaron Willis? Net Worth Explored 

Aaron Willis is a renowned Flight Operator Instructor. As his salary and annual income are behind the wrap, his net worth hasn’t been calculated yet. But he is certainly successful which supposedly makes him rich. 

As he has kept himself out on the spot as a reality star, people want to learn about Will’s income. The exact figures of his paycheck haven’t been revealed to the public domain to date. 

Is Aaron Willis Married To A Partner? Details To Know 

Aaron Willis might be married to a beautiful partner or he could be single, regardless, it is unsure as he has not talked about his family for now . Hence, the details of his spouse or companion also remain a mystery. 

As he is in the public domain now, he may talk about his personal life with his new audiences. And for now, the show watchers will see his journey on the show to win the prize money. 

Aaron Willis Parents And Ethnicity

Aaron Willis must value the privacy of his parents since he has kept them away from his limelight and media attention at the moment.

Although details about his family remain out of the media reach, we can say that he could belong to a mixed ethnicity based on his appearance.

We might obtain more information about him as the show keeps going and he opens up more.

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