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Andrew Tate’s vicious bikini-snap attack on Amanda Holden is an attack on ALL women

It was an assault against one woman, but it was really an assault against all women. And of course. Again.

Amanda Holden’s vacation photo was tainted by a vile comment from evil sexist influencer Andrew Tate, who is accused of rape, human trafficking, and creating a criminal gang in Romania to sexually exploit women (all charges he denies). Under a photo of Amanda wearing a bikini, the vile monster wrote, “You are a wife and a mother and you’re far past a teenager.” This message board entry is unnecessary. It would take too much space to enumerate all of Andrew Tate’s unnecessary activities.
“a simple, familiar word can be all you need to interrupt when a friend is going too far without making things awkward, destroying the moment, or putting your friendship at risk,” the article states. The promotion was introduced with an interactive film portraying a group of young men playing video games and conversing, with the viewer prompted to click the “Maaate” button if they felt it was necessary to intervene.

Even though I pushed it pretty early, I was told that I had overlooked several inappropriate remarks. This is a rather disheartening sign of how little I anticipate from life these days. One of the primary complaints of Say Maaate To A Mate is that it won’t end misogyny overnight. That it stops short of being adequate. Worried it won’t function, or unable to.

All of those points of view could be correct. To begin, just say “Maaate” to your mate. It seems to be working. No doubt about it, it tries hard. Even though it’s only one word, the bare minimum, it’s a huge request. There will be awkwardness, the moment will be ruined, and your friendship may be at risk. However, with pals like that…Picture yourself among a bunch of people who are awkwardly – ugh – “bantering” and you’re trying to work up the nerve to be the one who says “Maaate.” Quite a lot, in fact. It will require a lot of courage. It takes guts to do that. If my son can become the kind of man that can, then I will be very proud of him.And it seems to reason that stating just one word will have a much greater impact than, say, giving a rousing speech on feminism, something no adolescent boy or man in a bar with his buddies is likely to do. Sadiq Khan hasn’t come up with this concept on the fly. This theory is supported by studies showing that being called out by a peer may and does alter one’s behavior. Saying “Maaate to a Mate” won’t magically eliminate sexism, however. Not a thing.

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