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Best student earbuds & headphones 2022

Summer break is over, and this is the time to head back to school, college, and university. There are keen chances that you are in search of a decent set of earbuds or headphones. Although obviously vital, the finest headphones for studying are not merely those with excellent sound quality. Moreover, they are made to be worn for extended periods of time without getting uncomfortable or losing power. A lot of them practically have extra functions like built-in voice assistants or active noise cancellation. Additionally, because you’re on a tight budget, they must offer excellent value.

We advise you to read our guide to the best noise-cancelling headphones if you plan to use your new headphones in a shared study space. And if you enjoy working out before studying, the best running headphones will provide you with the security and durability you require. To guarantee that your teacher or lecturer can easily hear you over Skype or Zoom when you’re studying from home, make sure your new headphones include a good microphone.

We are aware that purchasing technology for returning to school can be costly. Because there is so much to buy, many students choose affordability as their priority. For this reason, many people choose a student Chromebook over a high-end laptop because it is more affordable. Because of this, we’ve included no-frills inexpensive headphones with models that lead their class, like the Sony WH-1000XM4.

The high-end headphones we suggest are fantastic if you have the money to splash. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be relieved to know that you really don’t have to spend a fortune to get yourself a reliable set of headphones or OPPO earbuds for school, college, or university. Plus, now is a great time to buy because of all the amazing Back to School sales that have begun to appear.

Best Wireless Earbuds for students:

OPPO Enco Air2 Pro:

The wireless earbud is a budget buy that delivers amazing sound quality. OPPO Enco Air2 Pro offers premium features at a very reasonable price. You get a good design, ANC, quick charging, long battery life, 12.4 mm dynamic drivers, IP54 eating, and much more. The wireless earbud doesn’t only claim to perform the best in all departments, it really does. The most interesting feature offered by OPPO Enco Air2 Pro is active noise cancellation. It completely cancels out the background noise be it the traffic sounds, twirling fans, people chatting, etc. Enco Air2 Pro is a complete package and is very comfortable to wear. 

Enco X2:

The OPPO earbuds punch above their weight. The wireless earbuds have set the bar very high with the quality of sound it offers under such a lower price tag. OPPO Enco X2 offers great active noise cancellation and impressive audio quality. It also supports wireless charging and high-quality codecs and many other features that add value to the whole package. The versatility so also there as the Enco X2 supports LDAC, LHDC, AAC, and SBC codecs. You can also select between four EQ settings to switch to another sound profile. The wireless earbuds have the capability to perform as well as the AirPods.

Earfun Air Pro:

The wireless earphones have the right kind of pleasing audio balance. The noise cancellation offered by Earfun Air Pro is also very effective. The wireless earbuds stand out and the credits go to the excellent audio chips and superior design. This is not it; earphones show a high level of competence in almost all other areas. Mid-range earphones, it is very solidly priced. It produces fun sound and delivers a decent sense of space.  

Best headphones for students:

Anker Soundcore Life Q20:

This is the headphone for you if you are tight on the budget and have well-rounded features, amazing battery life, and great audio quality. The headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 with multipoint connectivity. There is a hybrid NAC that can cancel external noise up to 35dB. There is an attached microphone that has uplink noise reduction. You can easily attend online classes or watch tutorials without being distracted. Another thing about the headphones is that they are very comfortable to wear for a couple of hours and the credit goes to the flexible and lightweight plastic construction. The headphones have an 80mAh battery which means that the playback time is more than 30 hours which is huge. 

Srhythm NC35:

The solid headphone set comes with 50 hours of battery life and some great specs. There is ANC which has the capability to cancel the noise up to 20-25dB to provide the students with distraction-free studying sessions. For clear voice quality, there is a built-in microphone with the CVC 8.0. You also have the freedom to choose between wired 3.5mm audio playback and multipoint connectivity Bluetooth. Additionally, there is voice assistant integration NC35 that will further add value to the listening experience. With all these amazing specs we expect some weight, but Srhythm NC35 weighs only 0.39 lbs. 

Avantree Aria Me:

This headphone is the most viable choice if you are looking for headphones, perfect for attending online classes. The ANC is decent and there is a customizable audio profile. A detachable boom microphone is also there, and they offer better directional accuracy and larger diaphragm size. This is not it, the Avantree Air Me also offers aptx low and aptx HD latency which helps in better audio quality and faster data transfer. To customize the audio sound profile, go to the Avantree Audio app. You can configure the audio sound profile through the app but it’s also there on the headphones. So, you have the choice to switch devices without setting up the audio profile time and again. 

Wrap up:

It’s not always necessary for studying to be a tiresome endeavour. Your preferred music playlist and a nice pair of headphones or wireless earbuds can go a long way. We hope that this article will assist you in locating the ideal set of earbuds for studying. It’s wise to constantly keep the things we mentioned in mind while making your purchase. The headphone alternatives on this list are excellent beginning places, though, so if you’re unsure where to begin, you should absolutely give them a look.

Remember that your budget is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Since we are aware of the difficulties associated with being a broke student, we have made every effort to feature headphones for your mobile phones in various price ranges. Hope you can locate a pair that meets your requirements!

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