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Commercial CCTV – why it makes great business sense

CCTV is an effective way to enhance the safety of business premises – but its capabilities don’t stop there. 

It can also help to improve efficiency, enhance performance, generate savings, and boost staff morale. 

All this from a few well-placed cameras? 

It’s true, and here’s how…

Deter theft and antisocial behaviour

Just the presence of cameras can be enough to put off would-be thieves and perpetrators of anti-social behaviour and vandalism. 

The College of Policing found that overall crime levels decreased by 13% in locations with CCTV compared to those without – in car parks crime decreased by an impressive 37%. 

So, whilst it’s impossible to have eyes everywhere, you can have CCTV! Using cameras both inside and outside premises will ensure maximum coverage, offering full 360° visibility, thorough protection, and a visual deterrent.

Identify efficiencies 

Not only does commercial CCTV enhance safety and security, it’s also a valuable way to monitor business efficiency. 

Can things be done better? Is money being wasted? Is there a security weak spot? With a comprehensive overview of all proceedings, commercial CCTV can be used to identify problem areas and potential weaknesses.  

Knowing there’s an ever-watchful eye can also encourage workforces to stay focused, improving staff productivity, behaviour, and timekeeping.

Make savings 

Sticking to budget is important for any successful business, and installing commercial CCTV can reap multiple savings. 

First and foremost, the presence of the cameras themselves is a major deterrent for inappropriate, anti-social, or criminal behaviour. This reduces the threat of incurring any financial impact, inconvenience, or potential downtime resulting from such actions. 

CCTV footage can also be used as evidence in court to win cases and prevent unfounded claims, helping to avoid costly legal fees.

And by boosting security levels, insurance premiums are likely to reduce thanks to the diminished risk of needing to make a claim.  

Improve safety 

Staff and public safety is paramount to business owners. Thankfully, commercial CCTV creates a safer and more secure environment. Not only does the presence of CCTV cameras reduce the risk of crime and antisocial behaviour, but they also ensure proper procedures are being followed by all, helping to keep health and safety measures in place. Enhance retail security with CCTV, alarms, access control, and staff training to prevent theft, ensure safety, and protect assets.

Promote peace of mind

With commercial CCTV, business owners and management can be reassured by the knowledge that all aspects are covered with an ever-watchful eye over proceedings. 

CCTV can also have a positive impact on staff morale, too. Working in a safe, well-monitored environment will promote a more content workforce – and a happy team is invariably a more productive team. 

Many business owners worry about the legalities of recording people, but it is completely legal. CCTV is used by businesses of all shapes and sizes as a trusted means of enhancing security. 

There are just a few simple rules that must be adhered to: 

  • Clear signage must be displayed to inform people CCTV is in use
  • Images must be shared with the police if requested
  • Footage should only be stored for as long as there is a ‘business need’
  • A data protection fee must be paid each year unless exempt (this fee depends on business size and turnover, but it’s £40 or £60 for most organisations, including charities and small to medium-sized businesses).

Visit for more information on this, or speak to your commercial CCTV installer for guidance.  

Invest in commercial CCTV

To find out more about the benefits of CCTV for business, get a quote for commercial CCTV installation, or to purchase cameras, visit First Choice Cabling. 

If you are looking to secure your commercial business you can prefer the experienced retail security services that help to find the best solutions. With extensive experience across all sectors, they can offer practical guidance alongside cost-effective solutions for every business.

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