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Dress for a Jubilee Ball

StyleNest has compiled a list of Jubilee Fancy Dress for Kids that are sure to keep the little ones occupied for the Diamond Jubilee Weekend.

Children enjoy playing dress-up, and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is a great reason to break out the costumes. To keep your little princes and princesses amused and looking royal for the Jubilee, check out F&F’s selection of fancy dress costumes.

With F&F’s Prince Dress Up Costume, even the most naughty little boy may become a prince fit for a princess. This ensemble features a royal red top with sash and mock military emblem and a matching pair of black and gold striped trousers for the low, low price of £10. A dazzling headgear with a metallic buckle is included to make sure your young soldier stands at attention in his new uniform. With a range that includes children aged 3 to 8, you can easily assemble a small army.

The little girls in your life will be cheering at the gates of Buckingham Palace in F&F’s British-inspired Cheerleader Dress Up Costume. Usually associated with the United States, we’ve taken from our neighbors over the pond and given the traditional cheerleading outfit a distinctly British twist. Little girls will have a blast celebrating the Jubilee in their union jack dresses adorned with red, white, and blue pompoms. Prices start at just £9 for children in sizes 3-8.

After the Jubilee Weekend is complete, both of these costumes can be used for other occasions, such as Halloween or costume parties. Join in the excitement, and make sure the kids have some great stories to tell and hilarious pictures to look back on.

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