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Driving Long Distances for Easter Holiday: 5 Essential Checks

Driving Long Distances for Easter Holiday: 5 Essential Checks

The long bank holiday weekend of Easter provides us with a great opportunity for a road trip, whether it’s to visit friends and family for dinner or somewhere you’ve never been before. There are so many exciting road trip routes in the UK and Ireland and taking to the open road is the best way to spend some quality time with your loved ones on this public holiday. 

Before you pack up the car, some crucial pre-drive checks need to take place if you’re going to make it to your destination with no problems along the way. From vehicle maintenance and route planning to packing essentials and preparing for emergencies, here is how you can hit the road with confidence for the perfect stress-free Easter adventure. 

Giving Your Car a Once-Over

You want to make sure your vehicle can cope with the demands of a long journey before you set off. Giving your car a once-over beforehand ensures that there aren’t any obvious issues that are going to hinder your movements. 

Check your vehicle’s fluids, tyres and electrics to guarantee that oil, air and battery levels are within the appropriate limits. This is especially important if you’re renting a car. 

Planning Your Route and Timetable 

Depending on your destination, you are likely to going to be behind the wheel for extended periods. To maximise your driving time, consider traffic patterns at different times of the day and when you are going to schedule rest stops.  

If there are roadworks on a major motorway, it may be worth leaving earlier in the day or giving yourself more flexibility with travel. 

Packing Smart

No matter how much planning we do, sometimes accidents still happen. To prepare for this scenario, it is a good idea to stock your vehicle with a cache of emergency supplies, such as a portable hazard triangle, snacks, a first aid kit and bottled water. 

Having a tailored car insurance policy can protect you in the event accident. If you get some specifically for your long journey, this insurance can cover any unexpected repair costs. 

Staying Alert and Sharing Driving Schedules 

According to Brake, the Road Safety Charity, fatigue contributes to around 4 percent of fatal road crashes and 2 percent of all collisions in Britain. Combating drowsiness on the road is essential to practicing safe driving habits. 

If you at any point begin to feel tired, you should find a safe area to pull over straight away. You can combat fatigue by sharing your driving schedule with other passengers who are insured on the vehicle. Swap over regularly or pull over every three hours to stretch your legs. 

Download Maps and Entertainment Options 

Long car journeys can feel even longer without the right entertainment options. They definitely get longer if you get lost along the way. Before you set off, ensure you have your entire route downloaded and your chosen navigation platform of choice works. You should also download any Netflix episodes or music you want for the journey.

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