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Emma Watson Brings Magic to the Family Gin Production

Emma Watson Brings Magic to the Family Gin Production

Emma Watson, well known for playing Hermione Granger in the popular Harry Potter film series, has just left the wizarding world to go on an amazing adventure. Through their business, Renais, she and her brother Alex are working their own magic in the gin industry. In this piece, we delve into the intriguing history of Renais and examine how Emma’s inventiveness is revolutionising the spirits market.

The Birth of Renais

Crafting Gin with a Twist

Renais, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Dorset, draws inspiration from the Watson family’s rich heritage. Their vineyards in France yield not only grapes for wine but also a secret ingredient for their gin: recycled grape skins. These skins, infused with history and flavor, form the heart of Renais’ unique concoctions.

Backed by Industry Titans

Renais has recently secured financial backing from prominent figures in the food and drinks industry. Among the notable shareholders are:

  • Andrew Morgan: Former Diageo Europe boss
  • Jimmy Weir: Former Laithwaites Wine executive
  • Alexander Staartjes: Former marketing executive at Pernod Ricard
  • Jesse Estes: Tequila Ocho connoisseur
  • Pete Higgins: Co-founder of Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts
  • Ryan Kohn: Co-founder of Propercorn snacks

Their collective expertise and passion fuel Renais’ journey towards excellence.

The Renais Difference

A Taste of Magic

Renais sets itself apart by offering a unique taste that can be savored straight. Alex Watson, the company’s chief executive, describes it as an elixir that dances on the palate, leaving a trail of botanical wonders. Whether enjoyed neat or mixed into a delightful cocktail, Renais gin promises an enchanting experience.

Emma Watson’s Creative Influence

As “chief creative,” Emma Watson lends her magic to Renais. Her role extends beyond mere marketing; she oversees the brand’s advertising, infusing it with elegance and allure. Emma’s artistic flair, honed through her acting career, now graces Renais’ labels and campaigns.

A Family Legacy

Three Decades in the Making

The Watson family’s association with the alcohol industry spans over 30 years. From vineyards to distilleries, they have cultivated a deep-rooted understanding of craftsmanship. Renais gin, distilled in Dorset, reflects this legacy—a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality spirits.

Alex Watson’s Journey

While Emma soared to fame through her acting prowess, Alex Watson carved his path in the hospitality sector. Starting as a humble barman, he later donned marketing roles before venturing into gin production with Renais. His dedication and vision breathe life into every bottle.

Celebrities and Their Spirits

A Star-Studded Trend

Renais joins the ranks of celebrity-backed gin brands, each with its own allure:

  • The Gardener Gin: Endorsed by Brad Pitt
  • Ramsay’s Gin: Crafted by chef Gordon Ramsay
  • The Ultimate Gin: Curated by Ozzy Osbourne
  • Aviation American Gin: Acquired by Diageo with backing from actor Ryan Reynolds

Emma Watson’s Renais adds a touch of magic to this celestial lineup.


Emma Watson’s foray into gin production is more than a celebrity endorsement—it’s a passionate pursuit. With each sip of Renais, we taste the essence of family, creativity, and dedication. So raise your glass, and let the magic flow—one botanical-infused drop at a time.

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