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Essential Car Accessories for Road Trips – Complete Guide

Essential Car Accessories for Road Trips – Complete Guide

Nothing beats the sense of freedom and exhilaration that comes from hitting the open road on an epic road trip adventure. Winding through stunning landscapes, stopping to explore quirky roadside attractions, and bonding with your passengers – road trips allow you to create lifelong memories. However, thoroughly preparing your vehicle and bringing certain essential accessories can make the difference between a smooth journey and one plagued by headaches and hassles. Properly equipping your car not only enhances safety and comfort, but also allows you to handle any surprises that may arise on your travels.

Reliable Navigation Aids

Reliable navigation tools top the list of road trip essentials. Even with today’s smartphone GPS systems, bringing backup navigation aids like physical maps is prudent in case you lose signal or your phone dies. Having variety of navigation references ensures you can easily reroute if needed and won’t find yourself stranded. Maps also highlight worthwhile stops and attractions along your chosen route.

External Storage Solutions

Thule Roof Bars let you securely transport additional luggage and gear externally if your trunk space is limited. Quality roof racks expand your packing options and provide simple access to items you need on the go. They allow you to bring extras like bikes, surfboards or storage containers without cramming the interior.

In-Cabin Organizers

Installing organizers and storage solutions inside the cabin keeps gear from sliding around. Containing snacks, electronics, tools and other essentials to specific spots reduces time wasted rummaging while driving. Clever organizers also provide easy reach to items you or your passengers may need frequently.

Comfort Enhancements

Cushions, seat covers and sunshades enhance driver and passenger comfort over extended distances. Cushions help customize seats for better back support and reduce fatigue. Seat covers protect your upholstery from spills and dirt. Sunshades keep harsh rays from overheating your car’s interior and prevent glare.

Safety Essentials

A well-stocked emergency roadside kit and first aid kit can literally be lifesavers should your vehicle break down in a remote area or you are involved in an accident. Having reflectors, jumper cables, basic tools, bandages, medications, etc means you can likely resolve minor issues yourself and tend to injuries until help can arrive. Don’t take safety for granted.

Entertainment Options

Finally, don’t forget entertainment! Audio books, podcasts and playlists allow you to pass the time enjoyably on long stretches between destinations. Portable phone chargers also keep your devices powered so you can use GPS and play music nonstop. Stocking your car with diversions and chargers keeps boredom at bay.

Pre-Trip Preparations

Before departing, inspect your car thoroughly and address any concerning symptoms promptly. Check tire pressure and tread, fluid levels, windshield wipers, lights, etc. Performing a tune-up ensures your vehicle is road-ready and less likely to stall in the middle of nowhere. Also test roof racks and organizers to verify they are properly installed and secure. Carefully packing your trunk not only maximizes room, but also balances weight distribution.


By outfitting your car with essential tools for navigation, storage, comfort, safety and entertainment, you can embark on any road trip with confidence you are ready for whatever conditions the open road throws your way. Ensure your vehicle and passengers are prepared, then hit the accelerator and embrace the adventure! The memories made will far surpass any small headaches from planning and packing.

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