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Everything You Need To Know About Day 2 Lateral Flow Test

The COVID-19 testing system is cheaper and simpler for travelers arriving in England this week. Despite this, if you do not plan ahead you could still incur a lot of costs. Learn how to save money and follow the rules below.

A lateral flow test, rather than a more expensive PCR test, is required to prove that you are virus-free as of Sunday. You must take this test on or before your second day in the country.

Nevertheless, according to one kit supplier, 50% of new arrivals and returning tourists are unclear about the new testing system.

Travel rules in the UK are constantly changing, so some need to stay up to date. Some are now figuring out what the relaxed rules mean after being tempted by them for the first time.

Almost 30 percent of Brits are considering a winter break, according to a government-approved test provider. Check out for more information.

The new lateral flow testing regime still seems to be unknown to half of the public, according to Avi Lasarow, CEO of Prenetics in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Be sure to research the new system before you go and confirm the entry requirements of the countries you are visiting.”

In order to give you an idea of what the new day 2 testing system involves, we’ve outlined exactly what you need to know and where to find the most affordable kits.

What is the procedure for lateral flow testing on day 2?

You must book a COVID-19 in advance of flying to England if you are fully vaccinated and traveling from a country that is not on the red list. Whenever you fill out the Passenger Locator Form, you’ll have to include your booking reference.

It is necessary to book for the test to take place by the end of day 2. It is the day you land that counts as day 0 of your life. As a result, you are within your rights to get tested when you arrive at the airport. Testing centers are usually located at airports. Taking a test at a laboratory is generally more expensive than doing it at home, but you’ll save time and energy in the long run.

It is now fine to have a negative result on an antigen test as well as a PCR test if you prefer. You can find a list of government-approved private providers here.

Residents of the UK have been routinely ordering free NHS lateral flow tests to check if they have COVID-19, but these tests are not valid here.

In order for the testing company to see your unique booking reference, you must upload a photo of the completed lateral flow test. If you fail to do this, you could be fined £1,000 (€1,181). The testing company will provide you with full instructions.

A PCR test will be required if you test positive, at no additional cost. In order to identify new virus variants, this is being done. In the event that that also turns out to be positive, a full 10 days of self-isolation are waiting for you.

In the 48 hours before you return to England, you should complete a passenger locator form.

Where can I find the cheapest test kits?

As a result of the move to lateral flow tests, traveling abroad is significantly cheaper. Contrary to PCR tests, prices don’t vary too much.

The government’s website lists 42 different tests, starting at £8.99 (€10.60) from Covid Testing Direct, which requires you to pick up your test before departing the country.

Boots UK charges just under $22 (€26) for the kit, which is about average.

Travel companies and airlines can also arrange rapid antigen tests for you. Among these, TUI offers a home testing kit for £15 in partnership with Randox

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