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Fans are curious as to what happened to Sally Thomsett’s face, and if it is an illness.

Fans are wondering as to what happened to Sally Thomsett, after seeing a drastic change in her appearance.

Sally Thomsett is a well-known actress for her role in The Railway Children.  In addition to that, some of her TV credits include River Rivals, Dead End Creek, Man About the House, Wicked Women, etc.

Many of Sally’s fans are concerned about her health and the drastic change in her appearance. Is it because of her illness? Let’s find out.

Fans Wonder What Happened To Sally Thomsett Face, Is It An Illness?

Sally Thomsett has her fans wondering about what happened to her face as they look at the before and after picture of her. And we don’t think it’s because of any illness, because she’s never mentioned it.

It may be because of her aging. One generally develops wrinkles and discoloration as one grows old. She is in her 70s, so what do we expect from her, A bright tightened skin or a dull wrinkled one.

People are also surprised to see her in this condition, because she vanished from the media overnight, and when she reappeared, it was now as she got old. If we would have seen her aging gradually, it would not have created such fuss.

Sally Thomsett was all over the place in the 1970s. Every woman was jealous of her and wanted to become more like her, following her fashion and hairstyle.

While every guy dreamed of her, they wish to have a wife/girlfriend like her. And now witnessing her in this condition has taken them by surprise.

In addition, in an interview with ITV in 2019, Sally was made fun of her slurry speech by some of the followers. On the other hand, some were concerned about her health and argued with people who made fun of her.

Because everything seems to fade away when you grow old, your voice becomes slurry, skin becomes loose and wrinkled. You cannot remain in your sweet sixteen phases forever.

Who Is Sally Thomsett From The Railway Children?

Sally Thomsett is famous for her work in The Railway Children which came out in 1970. But people still watch the movie and admire Sally for her acting and beauty.

Some think it’s the best way to start a happy New Year, while others think it’s the best way to end their Christmas vacation.

Whatever the case may be, the film’s impact on the public has not diminished. We get emotional every time we watch a movie.

The movie was based on a British E. Nesbit’s 1906 novel of the same name, directed by Lionel Jeffris.  The Railway Children was a critical success, both at the time of its initial release and in subsequent years.

Did Sally Thomsett Had Plastic Surgery?

Sally Thomsett has never announced anything regarding her plastic surgery and rumors about it appear to have been a hoax.

If she had undergone surgery she would have revealed it, just like the times when she announced her dental surgery. All of these rumors are based solely on her limited screen time.

Some even claim that her face appeared in this way as a result of the side effect of her surgery. But truth to be told, it’s not true.

She is aging, getting older by the day, nothing new there. Her fans and followers should stop hovering over her and claiming she is always sick and has had surgery.

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