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Five reasons you need a Beanie Boo

Ultra-adorable and super squishy – Beanie Boos are this summer’s must-have accessory. 

With sparkly eyes, delightfully oversized heads, and the classic TY tag we all remember, Beanie Boos are sure to bounce right into your heart.

1. Nostalgia is in 

Everything we loved is back this year – from remakes of classic family films, including Spider-Man, The Little Mermaid, and the much-awaited Barbie movie, to returning 90s fashion staples and flip phones – going back in time has never been cooler. 

Adding the newest TY remake is the easiest and most comforting way to indulge in this trend, while also indulging in some valuable self-care and brightening up your room. 

2. Wide range of colour and pattern options

Each TY Beanie Boo is distinct from other Boos – with a wide range of colours and patterns – giving TY connoisseurs across the country plenty to choose from.

With a good mix of more realistic Boos, like the TY Percy Barn Owl Beanie Boo, or imaginative and visually exciting options, like the TY Moonlight Owl Beanie Boo – there really is something for everyone.

3. Suitable for kids of all ages 

With an age range of 3 – 300, TY Beanie Boos are suitable for the whole family, no matter how old the baby of the family gets!

With a mix of polyester fibres and plastic pellets, each TY Beanie Boo is seriously squishable and can bring joy and comfort to recipients of any age. 

4. They are irresistible 

Delightfully charming with oversized heads, large endearing eyes, and high foreheads, TY Beanie Boos are designed to be overwhelmingly irresistible and super cute. 

This, coupled with their sparkly details and bright colour palettes, have made them a success with plush or soft toy lovers of all ages. 

Prefer something a little closer to nature? Even you will be unable to turn away, thanks to their range of adorable yet realistic TY Beanie Boos, including KiKi Grey Cat, Kodi Bear, Squire Squirrel, and Spirit German Shepherd – to name but a few.  

5. Perfect for sharing 

Individual gifts that show you care are important for everyone, including those looking for birthday, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary presents. 

Like their TY Beanie Baby counterparts, Beanie Boos have individual birthdays and poems, making it easy to find a plushie for any celebrant.

Similarly, thanks to TY’s tradition of discontinuing soft toys and creating brand new friends, there will always be a limited number of each character – making them uber-exciting collectables perfect for any occasion. 

Moreover, while TY Beanie Boos are suitable for anyone over 3, studies into child development suggest children aged 3 – 6 are the masters of make-believe and can develop strong attachments to their favourite teddies and toys during this period – making Beanie Boos an ideal gift for little ones! 

Find your perfect Beanie Boo today

No matter the occasion, TY Beanie Boos offer an adorable and vast selection of potential gifts for everyone you know. 

Or for yourself – we won’t tell if you don’t!

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