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Fujiiryoki, world leader since 1954 in the production of massage chairs

Fujiiryoki, world leader since 1954 in the production of massage chairs

Fujiiryoki was the first brand in the world to create and mass-produce a massage chair. The first model was developed by Nobuo Fujimoto in 1954, who also opened the “Fujiiryoki Workshop” in Hannaman Cho, Abeno Ku, Osaka City. The prototype of today’s armchairs was made of wood and was limited to back kneading massage.

Fujiiryoki, pioneer in the production of massage chairs

Fujiiryoki’s first massage chair is considered a national heritage site and can be admired in the National Museum of Japan. In 1979 the roller massage function for massage chairs was created for the first time. In 1995, the Fujiiryoki was the world’s first massage chair equipped with air cushions. This function contributed significantly to promoting blood circulation in the legs.

Fujiiryoki massage chairs keep up with the pace of modern life

Fujiiryoki now offers high quality massage chairs based on versatile technology, designed to constantly adapt to improve the lifestyle of the modern man. The Fujiiryoki JP-2000 is the world’s first chair equipped with an artificial intelligence algorithm to faithfully reproduce the movement of the human hand, resulting in a massage like a professional salon.

Fujiiryoki’s state-of-the-art massage chair, the JP-3000 is distinguished by an improved artificial intelligence algorithm, dual full-body scanning and automatic shoulder position detection.

The intensity of the air cushions, the speed of the rollers, the massage techniques or the smoothness of the movement are adapted in time to each user. The performance of the full body japanese massage chairs is optimised by the 8-point recording function of the spine. Added to this is a 30-minute air cushion massage – Mindfulness, based on the concept of ‘meditation’. The innovative JP-3000 guarantees a much more elaborate massage experience, being one of the few massage chairs to provide a massage up to 12.5 cm deep in the tissues.

The massage offered by JP-3000 is also enhanced by a comfortable horizontal position, called Total Relax Position, which enhances the stretching effects.
Fujiiryoki’s range of massage chairs, made 100% in Japan, represent high-precision craftsmanship complemented by a contemporary design, crafted with attention to detail from hard-wearing materials.

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