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In a report made to the global economies, the international monetary fund indicated that the panorama that the crypto market currently presents is not because of the world economic system. To get started with trading cyrptos, visit The Official Site of this trading platform.

The cryptographic market has recently gone through instability in the values of cryptocurrencies due to the bankruptcies of some of its exchange platforms, which has caused the loss of credibility and demand.

These negative aspects around cryptocurrencies do not affect the global economy either; on the contrary, many users have taken the initiative to abandon investments in crypto assets and return to traditional banking to store their finances.

In its desire to promote interest in the traditional global economy, the international monetary fund speculates against cryptocurrencies, issuing criteria that discredit them, stressing that it is a real risk to make investments and transactions in digital assets.

International Monetary Fund and Digital Assets Approaches

Currently, both the crypto market and the global economy have been suffering the effects of the pandemic; added to that, we have the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, which are external causes that influence the development and growth of the economy worldwide.

The IMF considers that these events have caused a fading in the development of the cryptocurrency market by 8% this year, and it is expected that for the next, it will decrease to 2%, again stabilizing the economic momentum of cryptocurrencies.

On the regulation of cryptocurrencies, representatives of the IMF have placed great emphasis on legally establishing rules under which the use and implementation of the same are governed to prevent investors from investing in the crypto market.

The issuance of the digital dollar directly affects the cryptocurrency market since it would have the support and security of banking entities and the government, drawing the attention of the economically active population in large-scale investments.

This strategy is an excellent move by the global economy to recover users who had preferred to opt for investments in crypto assets despite the risks involved in being part of the digital cryptocurrency market.

The global economy constantly critical of cryptocurrencies

It can continuously be observed how the growth and development of cryptocurrencies is a subject of discussion and concern by entities that define it as unfavorable, pointing out that investments in blockchain-based digital currencies could result in negative and total financial losses.

Worldwide, a large number of people representing organizations of great importance are against the new and innovative form of commercial exchange, that is, cryptocurrencies, despite its trajectory for more than ten years.

Time in which they have proven to be a profitable trading system despite the falls suffered and the volatility that surrounds them, aspects that they have managed to overcome in the long term.

Studies carried out by governments and banking institutions

The objective of all these analyses carried out by economics and finance experts is to show that cryptocurrencies are used not only in everyday transactions but also lend themselves to illegal negotiations and tax evasion.

Based on the results of these studies, the international monetary fund emphasizes the immediate implementation of regulation in the crypto market, which would be devastating for all those who have investments in cryptocurrencies.

Digital assets will constantly be the subject of inspiration for those who seek a break in their development since the aim is to guide the population to continue opting for the traditional methods of commercial exchange to have absolute control of the assets of third parties.


Cryptocurrencies were created under decentralization, an aspect most liked by users unwilling to accept a change in their nature.

The crypto market is strongly affected by the institutions of regulations and economic legislation worldwide since they do not accept the way of operation and management through which cryptocurrencies are operated.

At a general level, the economy currently has more extraordinary movements with cryptocurrencies than with Fiat money, which is a sample of the great demand and acceptance that currencies with blockchain technology enjoy, where despite the risks they have presented, they provide stability and inclusion to the economy to many users who suffer from the inclement devaluation worldwide.

Disclaimer: Crypto information is educational, not financial advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies carries risks. Exercise caution and seek professional guidance when needed.

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