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Guide to Buying the Best Pipe Battery

Most people focus more on aesthetics when buying their first vape pens or pipes. However, a good pipe is only as good as its battery. Experienced vapers often concentrate more on the battery and atomizer as it directly affects their vaping experience.

Newbies often use disposable vape pens to reduce the work as they learn to vape. Disposable vape pens are easy to maintain and cheap, but they do not offer the same vibe as a vape mod or pipe. This guide will highlight factors you must consider when buying a pipe battery. 

Review the Specs

Choosing the right in-built battery or a replaceable one takes a lot of work. However, learning a few things about how batteries work will help you decide. They say numbers don’t lie, so pay attention to the specs.

Look at the voltage, ohms, and amperes. Current or electricity flow is measured in amperes, and the power you apply to the current is in volts. One more thing you should look at is the battery capacity, which is measured in mAh. 

The mAh will give you a rough estimate of how long the battery will last after a full charge. Higher mAh means the battery will last longer, meaning you can use your pipe or vape for a long time before recharge.

Brand is Important

The brand is very important whether you are going for the old-school pipe cart battery or a new one. We recommend buying your pipe battery from ePuffer. Also, look at the brand to ensure that you are getting a high-quality battery.

Low-quality pipe battery will put your safety at risk as it can blow up when recharging the vape mod. Also, you risk damaging your pipe should the electrical parts short circuit. High-quality batteries from legit stores can be costly but are worth it. 

The Best Pipe Battery

Depending on who you ask and their experience with pipe batteries, this can be debatable. From our research, we found out that the 18650 battery is the best battery for vaping kits and mods. The numbers have a meaning, too: 18 stands for the diameter, which is 18mm, and 65mm in height, and 0 is signage for cylindrical. 

Even though they may seem heavy, the 18650s are long-lasting and deliver. In most cases, the 18650 batteries are built-in, eliminating the need to shop around for batteries. They will wear out over time, but you can buy replacements whenever needed.

Higher mAh?

Yes, absolutely, yes. As mentioned before, higher mAh means the battery will last a long time after a full recharge. A 5000mAh rated battery will last longer than a 700mAh one. However, a few things will still affect how long your battery lasts.

Factors such as the power settings, the type of coil in your pipe, and your use frequency will be critical to your battery life. 

Wrapping Up

 Buying a good battery for your pipe can take time and effort. However, the tips shared in this guide should help you make the right choice. Make sure you buy your batteries from well-known online shops to avoid purchasing fake batteries or parts.

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