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How to Choose a Modern Chair

Is it common for you to think about chairs a lot? In the event that you’re actively hunting for a new one, probably not too much. Yet, when you’re not looking at them, you don’t pay much attention to them, do you?

That’s right. The chair is just a place to rest, or is it? Below are some reasons why you should give modern chairs some more thought before you buy them.

Make sure you measure twice before you shop

Count twice, cut once, an old carpenter’s proverb. The cutting part won’t be a problem since you aren’t making a modern chair.

Make sure however that the chair you choose will fit into the space you are planning. A chair you love may not work in your room if you have to rearrange everything. As you’ve decorated to match the current layout now, rearranging your room was fun when you were a kid.

For the perfect chair size, you need three measurements. These three measurements. Unless you are looking for a chair that goes under/near a wall hanging, height may not matter much.

A square can be easily formed on the floor by using some painters tape. Put your chair in the biggest square you can. Measure the painting on the wall and subtract about a foot from the measurement.

Having figured out your height, width, and depth (between the front and back of the seat), you can calculate your seat’s size. Make a note of the measurements on your phone, or somewhere you can easily access them. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a modern pod chair or something you found on Facebook. You know your living space now.

In case you find yourself in need of modern chairs, is the perfect place to go.

Take into account negative space

In what kind of room will the chair be placed? Is there a lot of airflow or visual flow? Seems a little crowded, doesn’t it? Is it possible that your Roomba would only vacuum 2/3 of the room due to the arrangement of the furniture?

What type of legs your chair needs depends on the amount of negative space under/around it. When it comes to round-base chairs, they often have just one leg.

Would you be able to find a high-back chair with legs that are about a foot or higher off the ground if you love the look of one? Adults shouldn’t have a problem shopping for tall chairs unless they’re looking for a kid’s chair.

It is not a problem if you don’t mind not being able to see the floor space. You might consider hairpin-legged chairs or even hanging egg chairs, such as those from the old days.

In the current furniture market, hairpin legs and tulip-style bases are very popular. Neither blocks feng shui flow or keeps the chair sturdy.

Pattern of your choice

It is common for people to buy chairs solely based on their pattern, but not you. The first three steps have been thought about or walked through already. Getting into the pattern on the chair is the fun part.

Your room doesn’t necessarily require a solid color because there are other patterns present. It’s not only in vogue right now, but it’s also chic (and to be honest, it never truly went out of style).

When it comes to pattern mixing, texture is one of the most important things to keep in mind. The look of embroidered or raised fabric on a chair changes if it’s paired with another design.

As a neutral, leopard print is another important consideration. There are probably not going to be all-leopard print chairs, but the same applies to clothes. You can add a leopard print throw pillow to a purple chair to make it pop.

Adding stripes to a room with florals is a good idea. Keep stripes small to medium in size, and choose them to match the floral pattern. There’s no more than an inch or two between them.

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