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How to choose the best sweet box for your loved one

Selecting a gift basket requires more thought than people think to avoid disheartened recipients and wasted food and money down the drain. After all, everyone has different tastes and interests!

In this blog, the confectionary specialists at Hamper and Gift offer advice on how to choose sweet boxes for your lucky giftees and some pointers to keep in mind.

Choosing the ideal sweet box

When picking the best sweets hamper for your giftee, consider the following points before you make your purchase.

1. What treats do they enjoy?

Opting for a confectionary that you know they enjoy is one of the most important points to think about – after all, it shows thought and consideration have gone into the gift. Plus, it would be a waste of money to buy treats that your giftee won’t eat.

If you know your recipient well, you’ll likely have no issue determining which treat is ideal. However, if you’re buying for a retiring colleague whom you don’t know too well, it could be worthwhile doing some subtle digging to find out rather than guessing.

But overall, if you don’t have time to do this, chocolate tends to be a safe option that most tend to enjoy.


2. Does your giftee have allergies or a special diet?

Whether your recipient has an allergy, or a specialist diet is possibly the most important consideration when choosing a sweet basket. If they’re allergic to nuts or have an intolerance to milk, keep this in mind, as you don’t want to cause your friend to suffer accidentally – it could even be fatal!

When browsing, either ensure you search for hampers that don’t contain the allergen in question, or shop in the specialist diet section on a retailer’s site – all reputable suppliers should outline on the product whether its suitable for your giftee.

Most experienced stores cater to vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets too.

3. What’s the occasion?

Many sweet boxes are tailored to a specific occasion to make the hamper feel more personal. For example, some will be named a ‘congratulations’ gift basket and are ideal for congratulative events, such as the happy couple in your life expecting a baby.

So, is it your giftee’s 30th birthday? Is it a Christmas present? Are you welcoming them into their new home? Be sure to think about this when shopping around.

4. How big is your budget?

Finally, remember to incorporate price into your decision – some hampers, depending on their contents and the supplier, will vary in cost. Smaller gift baskets that contain fewer products will likely cost less than larger, more luxurious boxes containing premium treats.

If you’re budget only stretches so far, use the price filter option that is usually found on each product page to make your life easier.


Buy from a trusted confectionery connoisseur

When shopping for a memorable sweet box, always use a reliable and established retailer to guarantee you’re receiving high-quality goodies. 

You can typically work out whether a supplier is dependable by checking their reviews page or checking their Trustpilot rating – simply visit the Trustpilot site and search the company in question.

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