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Intuition in gambling – should it be trusted?

Playing on intuition, subconscious feeling, feeling – this is used by many users, believing that intuition is the most effective tool when playing £1 minimum deposit slots UK. But is it really so? Is it worth building strategies on the “sixth sense” and completely trusting it? Let’s figure it out.

Intuition and Casino

The word intuition comes from the Latin word “intuitio” or “contemplation”. This concept is formulated as follows – a method for solving a task through an instantaneous subconscious conclusion, which is formed on the basis of intuition, empathy, imagination, and experience.

But should she be trusted?

Antonio Damasio conducted his research, the final results of which will help to correctly answer the question asked. During the next test, 4 decks of cards were used, of which 2 were green and 2 were blue. On the surface of each card was written the exact amount that the player can win or send to the bank. The blue decks were distinguished by very large wins and losses, the green ones had more modest amounts.

The test person randomly selected cards and after about 50 attempts began to understand which cards are green. Before the start of the test, each participant was provided with special sensors that record the level of humidity and body temperature, they were fixed on their hands. After analyzing the testimony received, it turned out that after only 10 attempts, the player understood what was happening. Stress appeared only after he tried to draw a blue card. The body quickly figured out what was happening, and the brain took much more attempts to understand everything.

If a person wants to reduce the number of losses in the casino, then he needs to listen to his own intuition and resort to more rational actions.

Intuition and its features

Over time, the subconscious of each person accumulates experiences and various information about the current reality. It is on the basis of this information that intuition is based. The activation of the basal part of the brain occurs only at the moment a person makes a decision. This part of the brain is responsible for our emotions. Over the years, living beings have not only successfully evolved, but have also learned to intuitively respond to all sorts of cataclysms. This is what helped them survive and become intelligent.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that sometimes intuition is compared with a more subtle tool – instinct. If a person learns to listen to his “sixth sense”, then this ability will certainly help him not only in real life but also in gambling.

The results of recent research clearly show that intuition is ready to prompt the correct answer to any gambler who intends to win at the casino. This can happen even before the activation of our consciousness. Many people have lost this useful skill, as a result of which they constantly have to deal with various negative factors that threaten their daily life.

Influence of intuition on decision making in a casino

RPD (Recognition Primed Decision) is a theoretical model that says that in extreme situations a person is able to make quick decisions based on his experience. In this process, not only the subconscious takes part, but also instinct. A person must remember that instinct and intuition have a very thin line between them, which is almost imperceptible.

For example, if a person very often communicates with young children, then subsequently he begins to understand their behaviour and in certain situations will perform effective and conscious actions. Exactly the same situation is with the Gibraltarian casino site, where accumulated experience is required, which is further transformed and takes the form of intuitive prompts, and rational actions.

If the game involves the use of any strategy, then it is very important to be able to listen to your intuition. Quite often, the subconscious dictates the right steps based on past games that were recorded earlier. If we consider slot machines, then the possible influence of human intuition is minimized. Intuition can only give a signal at a certain moment that the time has come to stop playing.

Each player can protect himself from possible losses if he starts playing with a cool head. We warn you in advance that intuition can provide you with overwhelming help, but it is absolutely powerless against the random number generator that is used in gaming slots. Therefore, to get a solid win, you will need analytical skills.


As you can see, intuition is a rather interesting tool in achieving your goals in a casino, especially if you actively develop it and make it really effective. Nevertheless, it cannot be considered a strategy, because your sixth sense is not always able to bring only positive effects. Therefore, it is up to you, as a player, to decide for yourself whether to play based on your intuition, or whether to spend more time learning strategies and playing on experience and knowledge.

Disclaimer: Content is for informational purposes only. Gambling may lead to addiction and financial loss. Play responsibly. Seek help if needed. Not an endorsement of gambling.

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