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Is Damian Hurley a Transgender Person? Details About Your Partner And Your Relationship

Despite the public opinion, Damian Hurley’s sexuality is not transgender. However, he has not disclosed his partner yet. Learn about his girlfriend and more. 

Damian Hurley is the son of English actress, Elizabeth Hurley and he himself is also an actor. Moreover, he is also a renowned model.

Considering his long hair and girlish attitude, people suspect him to be gay or transgender. His sexuality has always been the public interest, as he is the son of celebrities. 

Is Damian Hurley Transgender? Sexuality Explored

No, Damian Hurley is not transgender or gay. 

Regarding his sexuality, both Elizabeth and he had confirmed him to have a straight sexual orientation. 

The public might question his sexuality considering his physical appearance, which has always been a bit girlish with ladylike long straight hair.

He is always stated as a boy and a son. Even in his Wikipedia bio, he is stated as a boy. Therefore, we can say Damian has straight sexuality, and there is nothing to question about his personal taste. 

Does Damian Hurley Have a Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Meet His Partner

Damian Hurley is confirmed to have a straight sexual orientation. Hence, there are no chances of him having a boyfriend.

Moreover, he has a girlfriend and appears to be in a healthy relationship. However, he has not mentioned her name anywhere in public to this date.

They seem to be dating for a while. Damian frequently shares her pictures on his Instagram wall.

Damian Hurley Family

Damian is the son of an English actor, model, and businesswoman Elizabeth Hurley. Similarly, his father was an American businessman.

His father, Steve Bing, died on 22 June 2020. He had committed suicide by jumping off from his apartment on the 27th floor in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles.

He has a sister named Kira Kerkorian. His great grandfather appears to be Leo S. Bing. Moreover, he has relatives like Arun Nayar, an Indian business tycoon. 

Meet Him On Instagram

Damian has a verified Instagram account named @damianhurley1. There he has about 104k followers and 217 posts. 

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