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Is It True That Connor Swift Cheated On Elle Darby? Aftermath of Racist and Offensive Tweets

Some netizens suspect that Connor Swift was cheating on Elle Darby.

Elle is a recognized social media star with thousands of followers online. Well, she is a YouTuber with 580 thousand subscribers.

Thanks to her successful career, she has also started her clothing brand today. Currently, she is engaged to a British fitness expert, Connor Swift.

Was Connor Swift Caught Cheating On Elle Darby?

Some social media users believe that Connor Swift is cheating on Elle Derby. The couples have been together for more than 7 years now.

According to a Facebook comment, Connor had cheated on his previous partner with Elle. At that time, his then-partner was supposedly pregnant.

Via the comment section, Connor’s ex-girlfriend revealed that the two used to text each other. Surprisingly, she even found them sharing explicit photographs.

Indeed, fans went crazy when they found out that their relationship isn’t perfect as it seems to be. Moreover, Elle has lost over 100 thousand followers recently.

Furthermore, some netizens found out from TikTok that Connor could be cheating on Elle. However, the piece of information might not be correct.

The two seem to be sharing their pictures online. Furthermore, they even plan to marry one day.

Currently, Connor is busy with his fitness apparel company. On the other hand, his fiance is a content creator who loves to upload videos on her YouTube channel.

Elle Darby Racist And Offensive Tweets Aftermath

Netizens found out that Elle Derby was a racist when she was a teenager. Reportedly, her tweets were offensive to various communities.

In 2011, she posted multiple times on social media claiming that she hated Indian and Polish. Moreover, she made fun of the nationalities and was rude to them.

Indeed, those tweets broke the heart of thousands of her followers. Along with Elle, her longtime boyfriend, Connor had also racially attacked some people via his tweets.

Well, the couples were represented by Gleam Futures. After the tweets went viral, the agency decided to end its contract with the couple.

Daily Mail reveals that the agency is now looking for new talents who align with its values. Indeed, they were disgusted by the couples’ tweets from the past.

Learn About YouTuber Elle Apology Video

Elle Derby has uploaded an apology video on YouTube. The title says ‘i’m sorry’ and the upload has surpassed 843 thousand views within 48 hours.

Despite saying sorry, some netizens were not convinced of her apology. Reportedly, they believe that she was looked irritated and insincere in the video.

Furthermore, her partner, Connor has also apologized to his fans. He has posted a long message on Instagram and promises to do better and become a good person.

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