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Is Labi Siffre’s husband, Peter John Carver, the father of her child? Fans are interested in learning more about the singer’s family.

Labi Siffre, the renowned musician, shared details about his romantic life and husband, which has sparked rumors about him having a daughter.

Labi Siffre recorded six solo albums in the first half of the 1970s, seamlessly blending folk, soul, reggae, and funk while eloquently tackling political and personal issues.

He had three Top 40 singles, the highest of which was Crying Laughing Loving Lying at No. 11. Madness recorded the definitive cover of his song “It Must Be Love,” and legendary musicians like Kanye West and Jayz have sampled his music.

Labi was the person who came up with the tremendously catchy riff on Eminem’s “My Name Is.” Even Rod Stewart and Kelis have recorded his music.

Does Labi Siffre Have A Daughter With Husband Peter John Carver?

Labi Siffre has not disclosed any details about having a daughter with his former husband, Peter John Carver.

In July 1964, Siffre met his long-term companion, Peter John Carver Lloyd, and the two were married for 48 years. They married in 2005, as soon as it was legal to do so in the United Kingdom.

Lloyd and Siffre lived in a menage a trois with Rudolf van Baardwijk in South Wales from the mid-1990s until Lloyd died in 2013. In 2015, Van Baardwijk also passed away.

Siffre was Peter’s caregiver for a long time before he died. Peter was paralyzed down the left side of his body after a stroke in 1998.

Labi Siffre Daughter: Where Does She Live With Her Parents?

Labi Siffre has not verified any speculations about having a daughter who lives with her parents. However, netizens have claimed that the rumors might have started because of his album “For The Children.”

BBC One has released a documentary, “Labi Siffre: This Is My Song,” highlighting the decorated career of the multitalented artist. Many people have congratulated and appreciated Labi’s life following the film’s release.

Siffre is still alive and is most likely in good health. He has chosen to keep a low profile and avoid the spotlight in the media. He is active on Twitter, where he shares his opinions on topics that pique his interest. Politics, social issues, religion, and poetry.

He’s a thinking artist, an out homosexual singer who’s created a cult following with works that tackle bigotry and prejudice head-on. Siffre has published three books of poetry and has also written for the theater.

Labi Siffre Family Details

Labi Siffre was born as the fourth of five children to a mixed British-Nigerian family in Hammersmith, London.

His mother was British of mixed Barbadian and Belgian ancestry, and his father was Nigerian who worked at the Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital.

Siffre grew raised in Bayswater and Hampstead and attended St Benedict’s School in Ealing, West London, a Catholic independent day school. Labi has declared that despite his Catholic schooling, he has always been an atheist.

Labi Siffre did odd jobs as a warehouseman, a filing clerk, and a minicab driver and delivery worker while attempting to become a full-time artist.

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