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Is the Quality of YouTube Ads Declining?

The most popular video platform YouTube steadily approaches a state of being known as an advertisement platform, where one can also find some content. Needless to say, people call it AdTube — what a joke.

Making money on content creation is not a problem but what is a problem is that YouTube has let things slide (or, what is more likely, was made on purpose). Funny enough, traditional TV channels, don’t force viewers to watch five commercials during one newscast.

Yes, YouTube has more ads in 2021 comparing to previous years. And yes, it sucks.

The flood of ads leads to pure disgust and hate for the platform and pitched goods.

What is worse is that YouTube announced on its blog that its terms of service were revised so now they allow commercials to roll in on channels that are not part of the YouTube Partner Program. Previously, only channels that have over 1,000 subscribers could apply to join the partner program, and content creators below the threshold had no commercials in their videos. What it means is that now all videos on YouTube will be accompanied by dozens of annoying adverts.

We’re getting trolled for sure.

Types of YouTube Ads
Audio ads

Google perceives YouTube as a shopping channel of the future and gets fancy with the diversity of commercials and the way of their delivery. One of their latest developments is audio ads. As for now, this new type of adverts is in beta but we’re pretty sure users will face audio ads before they can say “sausage”. These brand-new commercials are designed to reach those calmly listening to music or podcasts while minding their business. And while it sounds odd, ~57% of YouTube searches are music-related.

YouTube marketing experts see a fantastic opportunity to get another good piece of ad market share pie and compete with Spotify.

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Unskippable ads

Unskippable ads were first introduced in 2018 and successively became a standard. Popping out of the blue at a random point in the video, unskippable commercials evolved from modest 5-second pitches to underwhelming 20-second motion picture in just a couple of years… You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Users, sick at heart with the increasing number and length of unskippable ads, also criticize their quality. Reddit’s threads abound with outraging viewers ranting against the poor targeting paired with YouTube’s insatiable appetite.

Never ever smoked a cigarette in your life? Why wouldn’t you like to watch an unskippable ad about the health risks of smoking? Children watching a Roblox letsplay? It’s high time to pitch erectile dysfunction pills! Welp, it’s fun and farce.

Several sequential ads

User: trying to watch a 6-second meme

YouTube: get a pair of 5-second ads in a row

User: okay, I’ll skip them

YouTube: no, you won’t

The perfect reasoning for 2 unskippable pre-roll ads is that users will have their video interrupted less frequently. To be honest, this approach did not reduce the number of mid-rolls.

These are the most annoying YouTube ads to date. Regardless of the already overwhelming number of commercials we have to consume while trying to watch our favorite shows, it’s going to be even worse. Mark our words, it’s gonna be Crunchyroll’s level of annoyance.

How Do You Block YouTube Ads on Android and iOS?
There are different ways to get rid of YouTube ads. Some of them are easy while the others involve a good share of unwanted hassle.

YouTube Premium

For 12 bucks per month, users get a variety of benefits including:

Ad-free videos;
Offline mode;
Background and screen-off playback;
Free YouTube Music subscription;
Access to YouTube Originals show, and others.

Obviously, this method works perfectly fine for both iOS and Android devices and YouTube “subtly” forces its users to buy Premium by considerably increasing the number of ads for non-premium viewers.

Ad-free browsers

There’s quite a number of trusted browsers providing the adless experience. To name a few: Brave Browser, Bromite, AVG Browser, Ghostery, etc. Oftentimes, these browsers are featured by built-in VPN, anti-tracking, and private mode. The main drawback of using an ad-free browser is that its ablocking utility is limited to a browsing session — they cant cope with ads in applications and games.

Full-fledged adblockers

If you wish to not only watch YouTube without ads on Android or iOS but also to enjoy playing ad-free games like Words With Friends, and Scrabble, whatsoever, then you definitely should opt for a reliable and trusted adblocking software for a better customer experience.

It’s sad if you haven’t heard about AdLock —the next-generation ad slayer. Over 2,000,000 users all over the world appreciate its robust functionality, and simple and convenient, yet flavorful user interface.

AdLock is developed to work systemwide — it makes all software installed on your device (browsers, apps, games, and messengers) completely free of commercials tormenting your internet leisure. It easily removes banners, pop-ups, video/audio commercials, blocks undesired redirects, and prevents visiting malicious websites.

A cherry on top — AdLock disables online tracking scripts, data collectors, bugs, and has an abundant filter list that is constantly updated and extended.

Diligently elaborating new blocking algorithms, maintaining functionality, updating the list of filters, and providing sustainable data security, AdLock developers enhance their products and services. What’s more important, they heed criticism and appreciate comprehensive feedback.

It’s hard to not get hooked on AdLock’s ad-blocking power and efficiency!

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