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Kemah Bob’s Disabilities – Is She Deaf? Who Is She, According to Wikipedia?

What is Comedian Kemah Bob’s disability? Comedian Kemah Bob doesn’t have any disability; there are speculations that she is deaf and has a speech impediment. Let’s find out.

Kemah is a popular stand-up comedian, writer, and producer from Houston, Texas. But, currently, she lives in London. Her work and projects are based on Black cultural identity, mental health, gender, healing, and well-being.

She used entertainment as a tool for enlightenment and empowerment. Also, she is a host who has performed and hosted events in various parts of the UK.

Not only this, but Kemah is also a creator and host of The FOC IT UP Comedy Club, which enlightens Femmes of Colour in comedy.

Comedian Kemah Bob Disability – Is She Deaf?

Popular comedian Kemah Bob doesn’t have any disability. However, many are assuming that she is deaf and has a speech obstruction.

Also, she has had a conversation with her fans and audiences in her show with no sign of disability. And, she hasn’t talked anything on this matter. She is also a protector of assortment and always elevated her voice for the rights of LGBTQ+ and differently-abled people.

And, to be precise, she doesn’t have any disability, and if she had, she would have discussed it on her show and in the media.

Kemah Bob Age: How Old Is She?

Kemah Bob’s current age is 26 years old- she was born in the year 1995.

And, she celebrates her birthday on the 20th of March every year with her friends and family members. Though she is originally from Houston, Texas, she currently resides in London, United Kingdom.

And, not much is known about her parent’s and family members’ details. She has kept most of her personal information low-key and hasn’t disclosed it in the media.

Kemah Bob Wikipedia- Who Is She?

Kemah Bob is yet to have her own Wikipedia page.

However, many online media and articles have covered her biography. She is a comedian, writer, and producer by profession.

And is the regular co-host of The Guilty Feminist podcast also a speaker abutting mental health and diversity. She has worked for The Guardian, The I Newspaper, Stylist Live, and several others.

Also, she hosts a radio show, UNSTABLE on Transmission Roundhouse, which focuses on mental health and adulthood.

Currently, her actual net worth remains unknown. However, we predicted her net worth in the millions.

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