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Lenovo laptop vs ASUS laptop: which one is better?

Choosing a laptop for personal use often becomes a challenging task with the availability of sheer number of brands in the market. Lenovo and ASUS are two of the most credible brands that hold a rich portfolio of value-packed PC’s, available in various budget brackets to cater to the work needs of versatile users. 

Laptops from both brands, Lenovo, and ASUS, offer certain tempting features and come occupied by sturdier bodies. However, some minor differences do exist between Lenovo laptops and ASUS laptops. To provide you with a holistic overview of both brands, our experts have produced this handy guide. 

In this article, you will find all the critical information that you need to have for picking up the most suitable laptop PC, giving you the best value for money.


Lenovo Group Limited, commonly referred to as Lenovo, is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China. It specialises in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of consumer technology products, including personal computers, software, and various other related services. Some of the most popular laptop PC’s series by Lenovo include ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Yoga, and Legion. 

Currently, Lenovo is leading the PC’s market with a total market share of 24.8%. It is the world largest PC manufacturer with a considerable presence specifically in Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. 


ASUS is a Taiwanese multinational company, dealing in the production of laptop PCs, computer monitors, graphics cards and other related core computer components. The company also carries a vast portfolio of products in the consumer electronics category, including home appliances, tablets, and smartphones. ASUS is one of the fastest growing brands and the company has been closed the year-2021 with an increased market share of 20.8%, compared to 15.5% in 2020.

ASUS has managed to secure a remarkable success in recent years by offering top-of-the-line technology products. Zenbook, ExpertBook, TUF Gaming and Chromebooks are a few of the hot-selling laptop PC’s series of ASUS.

Lenovo Vs ASUS: Classification Based on Mode of Use


Lenovo presents Legion series for gaming enthusiasts, featuring robust processors and powerful graphics cards to ensure seamless and hypnotic gaming sessions. 

On the other hand, ASUS offers two gaming-focused laptops series, which include ROG (Republic of Gamers), and TUF Gaming. The ROG line of PC laptops is meant for pro gamers, involved in playing high-intensity games. 

While TUF Gaming series targets casual gamers who are just aiming for a PC to run some of the installed entry-level and some mid-range games. 

Keeping in view the above statistics, ASUS is undoubtedly the best option for gaming freaks. The brand offers massive PC’s models for serious gamers, through ASUS powerful machines are a bit expensive than Lenovo laptops.


When it comes to offering sturdier and power-packed business PC’s, Lenovo lead the market by featuring a huge collection of laptop PC’s. Several Lenovo business laptops come with inventive 2-in-1 design to be used as tablets to set up quick meetings. 

Lenovo Yoga series brings inventive 2-in-1 PC’s that can efficiently run all the data analysis and spreadsheets software, making your workload flow quite smoother. 

In addition, Lenovo Legion series laptops are warmly welcomed by the business professionals owing to their solid build quality, smoother keyboards, and long-lasting batteries. 

ASUS contains some good business laptops in its portfolio, albeit this is not its strength. Zenbook series of ASUS laptops come loaded with beefy processors and extensive RAM choices to easily run and switch between apps respectively. 

For business use, Lenovo comes out to be a clear winner by offering a versatile collection of 2-in-1 business laptops as well as powerful workstations.

Everyday Use

For causal use, Lenovo laptops prove to be a good option because of their long-lasting power backup and rock-solid build quality. For instance, Lenovo ThinkPad series of PCs comes packed with heavy-duty batteries to provide you with a long on-screen time.

The durability of Lenovo laptops is also world-proven, making the brand one of the best choices to go for a PC for coping with casual workload. 

Coming to the ASUS laptops, some of these machines show really good battery timing. Various ASUS PC models are aligned enough to last a few good hours. ASUS laptops are well-made to bear physical shocks to a certain extent.

Overall, Lenovo has a slight edge over ASUS in terms of durability and longer battery life. 

Lenovo Vs ASUS: Comprehensive Comparison 


ASUS has made a name among graphics freaks by continuously introducing several laptops in the market, delivering excellent graphics capabilities. ASUS laptops are known for their expensive but rich graphics integrations that offer lag-free visual experience.

Lenovo laptops carry high-quality graphics cards and immersive displays, although these workstations are a bit behind ASUS PCs in terms of the graphics details.

So, if you are looking for a laptop which is designed to provide you with immersive graphics, then it’s better to opt for an ASUS PC.


Durability is a factor that matters the most for many of the laptop’s users. Lenovo always remains the best option when the aim is to get a laptop with strong casing, capable of lasting a few good years of use. For example, several laptops from Lenovo ThinkPad series come with military grade protection.  

Lenovo laptops are fiercely tested by the company before their launches to make sure that these machines are ready to provide you with uninterrupted performance in any environment. 

The latest ASUS laptops exhibit reliable built quality to finally offer a long-lasting usage. Overall, Lenovo PCs are a bit ahead of ASUS laptops in terms of durability.


Lenovo laptops are ultra-portable, with most featuring lightweight and compact bodies. If you are a student or a professional and looking for a features-loaded PC, designed to deliver productivity on the go, Lenovo laptops from ThinkPad or Yoga series can best cater to your demands.

ASUS laptops usually come with displays bigger than 15-inches. The huge screen size slightly increases the overall weight of the laptop, making them a bit heavier. But still these computing devices are usually light enough to be carried wherever you go. 

It’s better to prefer Lenovo over ASUS as far as the portability is concerned, although the things may vary from model to model.


Owning a laptop that comes with a suitable and ample amount of storage is crucial to run modern heavy applications and fast paced games. Most of the users opt for SSD storage in a laptop since it performs way better than HDD due to the absence of any moving parts.

Lenovo understand the important of a fast laptop and offers certain economical options with SSD ROM. Because of SSD presence, Lenovo rigs bring you faster system’s bootups, and shorter loading times for applications.

Although certain latest ASUS models start coming with SSD but still, most old ASUS laptops feature HDD storage. So, its better to go for a Lenovo laptop if your goal is to run high-intensity applications on your workstation.

Final Verdict

Deciding which type of laptop will suit you the best depends upon the work for which you want to use it. 

If you are aiming to use the laptop PC for graphics-intensive work plus you want to have a bit of a stylish machine, then select any one of the ASUS laptops.

And if your preference is to get your hands on a durable laptop with a long-lasting battery and versatile storage options, then choosing among any one of the Lenovo laptops may prove to be a viable choice. 

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