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Margie Cooper Antiques Road Trip: Age, Family and Networth

Marjorie Cooper, aka Margie Cooper with her husband

Fans of the BBC’s Antiques Road Trip will be used to seeing Margie Cooper Audiences love her combined warm personality and eye for things worth a mint. But what is Margie Cooper, beyond the tv?

How Old Is Margie Cooper?

Born in 1949, Margie Cooper is 75 years old. At 75, she has no intention of slowing down, either, as she tirelessly trawls the UK looking for one-off collectables.

Family and Husband

Margie is quite secretive about her private life, but we do know that she has a partner (often called a husband) who stays out of the public light. They are said to enjoy a quiet life in the country and share a mutual love of antiques.

Collecting antiques is a family affair. Margie Margie became intrigued with antiques and became an antique dealer as a child from her Grandmother, who was also an antique dealer. This early start set the stage for the rest of her career.

Net Worth

It is difficult to estimate net worth, but these figures are likely very accurate, as they show that Margie Cooper earns between $1 million and $5 million. She has made her fortune through a successful career in the antiques business, appearances on television and other ventures.

Beyond Antiques Road Trip

Margie had a colourful career before she charmed viewers on Antiques Road Trip. She was a fashion model, journalist and columnist. She has also written for the BBC’s Home and Antiques Magazine.

Margie’s Antique Business

Margie was an antiques dealer for over 30 years in addition to her TV work. It also has helped her learn the antique market from ground level, making Kate a valuable asset to Antiques Road Trip.

What Makes Margie Special?

Margie Cooper is more than just an expert in old things, as these extracts demonstrate. Everyone vibes her sincerity, warm, friendly and easy to touch the heart of everyone around his name in the middle. Authentic as the sun is hot, Margie’s true character comes through in her negotiations with a dealer or laughs between experts.

In Conclusion

Margie Cooper is an enigmatic character in the world of antiques. This, paired with her skills and warm charisma explains why Chantal is a popular television presenter as well as an established figure within the antiques trade.

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