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Margie Cooper Antiques Road Trip: How Old Is She? Family and Husband

An antique dealer Margie Cooper, 71 years old has been gaining attention to the top of the Antique Road Show broadcasted on BBC. Find out more about her life.

Marjorie Cooper, aka Margie Cooper, is an expert in antique television personality, as well as an ex-model living in Cheshire.

Marjorie started her career path as a model but soon discovered an appreciation for antiques that developed a desire to open her own enterprise in the 80s. She was knowledgeable about antiques and other objects since her mother was an expert in antiques.

She was a student at Queen Mary School, Lytham St.Annes, and completed her degree in journalism. She also contributed to a variety of local magazines as well as BBC’s Homes and Antique magazines.

Since 1985, the actress embarked on an incredible adventure with the team of the BBC Antique Road Show and is an expert on the show regularly and presenter.

The show is about the battle among antique experts, where they are given 200 pounds to purchase antiques, and then sell them off at auction.

Marjorie is still a part of the panel and one of the panels of experts who will be assessing items throughout the day.

How Old Is Margie Cooper’s Antiques Road Trip? Age Revealed

Margie Copper was born on the 28th of May 1950, in Lancashire and is now 71.

She has settled down in Cheshire with her family.

Unfortunately, the most famous person hasn’t been included on the official site of Wikipedia.

The girl is still missing by not being listed on Wikipedia’s Wiki page.

Hope that her work will be recognized at the top of the list.

Margie Cooper Husband: Is She Married?

Margie Cooper The antique expert was married to her long-time lover, Mick.

Margie hasn’t shared any details concerning her partner. The information available is sporadic about him. However they’ve been married for quite a while.

They have two children. Based on their age, they’ve been grandparents too.

She has not revealed the names of her children.

Margie Cooper Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

A renowned antique expert, Margie Cooper, is thought to have earned a good amount of money from her job that she is a lover of.

Margie’s net worth has been calculated to be about 1.5 million dollars.

She has raked in a lot of money from antique programs, for which she was involved for a long time and been a part of Catherine Southon in many TV shows with a different cast that was a major big breakthrough for her career in acting.

Margie Cooper Family And Ethnicity

The British antiquarian expert from Britain, Margie Cooper, has not made any comments about her heritage to the general public.

While she is Britain by nationality and by her body she appears white.

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