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Meet Riad Erraji, Natasha Hamilton’s ex-husband, according to Wikipedia

Riad Erraji is the ex-husband of the atomic kitten’s star Natasha Hamilton. They were tied in a knot for six years and had one child Alfie Riad Erraji. Here is everything about Riad Erraji.

Riad Erraji married Natasha Hamilton in 2017. Riad and Natasha fell in love, despite Natasha sharing two-child Josh and Hary with celebrity bodyguard Fran Cosgrave and actor Gavin Hatcher respectively.

After Riad and Natasha’s successful fifth year of their marriage, things did not go well for them too, so they decided to get divorced and were separated in 2013.

During their love life, they ran different business ventures together, some did better and some put them in their worse situations. Subsequently, they thought that they found their way out and took their own way to life.

Recently, Natasha married her fiance Charles Gay, with whom she has stayed in a relationship for five years and were already engaged back in their first year of seeing each other. After the news flowed in the air, people are keen to know about her past relationships and mostly about her ex-husband Riad Erraji.

Here is Riad Erraji’s age, net worth, children, and Wikipedia details.

Does Riad Erraji Have A Wikipedia?

No, Riad Erraji does not have a Wikipedia of his own yet. However, there is plenty of information about him flowing on the internet.

Riad Erraji is originally from Liverpool, England who grew up in Wolverhampton. Erraji went to Smestow school for his elementary and high school education and later on joined The Univesity of Wolverhampton for his graduation.

Riad is a scholar in Bachelors of Arts(BA), besides he has also gained knowledge in Business Administration and Management General.

Later on in his life, Erraji turned into one of the businessmen to be watched after, who has hotels and empires in London. Some of them are the Empire nightclub in Liverpool and the plush Amanzi restaurant.

Riad had to go through some downs during his career, as he was sued by his employees for holding up and not paying their wages for a long period of time. However, after all the legal procedures and paying up the fines, he was released and his continuing his pleasant life along with his family members.

Find About Natasha Hamilton Ex-husband Riyad Errazi and Their Children

Natasha Hamilton’s ex-husband Riyad Erraji is now married to Emma Erraji who is a businesswoman a spiritual advocate and a yoga enthusiast.

Riyas Erraji and Emma are together for about five years and have around three children, including Riyad and Natasha’s child Alfie Riad Erraji who is a teenager and lives with his father.

They seem totally joyful and spend a maximum of their time transforming themselves into wonderful human beings.

Riyad Erraji Net Worth And Instagram Explored

Since Riyad Erraji is one of the highly appreciated businessmen in Liverpool, we assume that he might have earned astounding net worth. It is estimated that he has a net worth of 1 million to 3 million dollars which keeps him among the top earners in Liverpool.

His Instagram says a lot about his personal and family life and shows how much of a caring and loving husband and a father is he. Riyad spends most of his time in a vacation with his lovely children and wife.

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