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Memorable Family Days Out Experience in Christmas by WonderDays

Memorable Family Days Out Experience in Christmas by WonderDays

It is holiday time again, so why not create precious moments with your family through a set of beautiful day-out experiences? Instead of your usual box under the tree this Christmas give your loved ones the joy of a shared adventure. This festive season we have taken the opportunity to look into several interesting experiences which cater for each family member’s interests, bringing happiness, fun, and treasured memories.

Cadbury World Experience: A Chocolate Wonderland

Kick off your Christmas holiday for families at Cadbury World, the land of dream sweets. Located at the heart of Birmingham, Cadbury World is a great treat to the whole family. Explore the history of chocolate, discover how it is made, and taste the very best that Cadbury has to offer. With its interactive exhibits and engaging displays appealing to all age groups, a family visit is a must for any sweet lover.

Liverpool FC Museum & Stadium Tour: For the Football Enthusiasts

The Liverpool FC Museum and Stadium Tour presents a memorable experience for football-mad families. Experience the rich history of one of England’s well-known football clubs. Walk through the venerable corridors, visit the trophy room, and stare in amazement at the sky from the players’ tunnel. It’s a great way to spend a family day out for a football lover as this is an educational and fun adventure packaged together.

Hoo Zoo Family Pre-School Experience: An Animal Adventure

The Hoo Zoo family pre-school experience allows young families to see different amazing creatures in a very unique way. This is a zoo located in Telford that offers a secure place where children can learn about nature. Visitors at Hoo Zoo will find themselves in an adventure, full of laughter and learning from interactive and up-close exhibits as well as animal friends.

Clay Modelling Pottery Experience: Unleash Your Creativity

A pottery experience that gets you dirty but also unleashes your family’s creative power is clay modelling pottery. Various studios in the country host workshops that enable children to use clay, shape, and make a new masterpiece with the help of their own hands. It can be anything related to making festive holiday items like Christmas tree ornaments or personalised gifts that everyone in the family makes together. it makes great souvenirs and marks your time celebrating together.

Hot Air Balloon Ride: Soaring Above the Festive Landscape

A Hot air balloon ride can be thrilling for a family vacation. Soar and capture a bird-eye view of the white, crisp winter landscape beneath. Several firms provide holiday balloon flights with exceptional views of festive aesthetics. Flying high with your loved ones is a priceless moment; it is indescribable and serene.

30 Minute Helicopter Sightseeing Tour: A Sky-High Family Expedition

For a thrilling experience, a 30 min helicopter sightseeing tour will serve you right. Get off the ground and fly over iconic landmarks, beautiful scenery, and maybe a little bit of snow in different parts. Indeed, sharing the excitement of flying together as a family will be one of the most memorable moments of your Christmas holidays and will take your breath away with an amazing bbird’s-eyeview.

Supercar Driving Experience: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

A supercar driving experience is a guaranteed shot of adrenalin for those who go on holiday with family and need speed. Allow your loved ones the pleasure of driving a top racer on a real racing circuit. Under the supervision of professionally qualified teachers, the thrill of operating such machines is shared by both the young and the old. The family will have a memorable Christmas trip involving screaming engines and flowing air.

Italian Afternoon Tea: A Culinary Delight

Offer your family a palatable Italian afternoon tea for a culinary expedition that tickles the taste buds. Several venues across the country add an exclusive Italian element to their conventional afternoon tea experience and serve a variety of delicious Italian foods like tarts, bread rolls or pastries. This is indeed gastronomy from savoury bits to sweet treats and sharing your passion for food/culture with someone you like.

Gift Card by WonderDays: The Freedom to Choose

Have you not yet decided which of the experiences will most captivate your family? Go for a WonderDays gift card that allows your recipients to choose their gifts. This is a very flexible option, giving your loved ones a chance to choose from many opportunities and every family member gets a personalised adventure. This is just the ideal answer for families whose individual interests do not sync, or even people who have a choice of where they want to spend their festive holiday.

Instead of the common Christmas celebration and gifting, give your family the magic of shared experiences this year. A family day out can be at the wonderful candy world of Cadbury or a hot air balloon ride. Make lasting memories by finding out, discovering new things, and enjoying the holidays together. Try something different for this coming Christmas, have these incredible and unmatched family experiences.

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