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Mike Graham defends remarks that “you can grow concrete”

In an appearance on the Jeremy Kyle show, he defended his remarks and promised to have a “concrete expert” on his subsequent programme.

Mike Graham has defended his concrete-growing comments in a desperate attempt to save face.

During a short interview with carpenter and Insulate Britain member Cameron Ford, the talkRADIO host claimed “you can” grow concrete in response to Ford explaining that working with timber is sustainable as trees are regenerative, unlike concrete.

After quickly ending the interview and being ridiculed for his comments, Mike Graham appeared on Jeremy Kyle’s talkRADIO show, but showed no sign of backtracking on his comments.

Alongside talking about the process of creating concrete, he then went further to explain how he uses the term “grow” in a variety of contexts to emphasize the fact that it doesn’t need to be a reference to something that is put in place.

He asked: “What do you call something that grows larger?

“It would be something that grows, it expands, it grows.”

Graham was then able to talk about the economy growing and ‘economy growing’, while arguing that it’s not all trees that grow He also claimed that he did not commit a mistake in yesterday’s interview.

You can actually grow it’

He also said he’d be hosting a “concrete expert” on his show today following a detailed explanation of the process used to make concrete and how it expands “so you can actually make it grow”.

Graham was also criticized “lefties” who called him out for his embarrassing mistake Graham also blamed “lefties” for his mistake, saying: “They’re all going ‘he’s too stupid He doesn’t realize that concrete does not grow. It’s a joke, are they actually thinking they’re really thinking that? They really believe they do.”

Mike Graham’s remarks were defensed in the presence of Jeremy Kyle, who agreed that concrete can indeed expand, and that Graham may have used the word “grow” in an entirely different context.

The video has received many thousands of viewers on Twitter the video was the subject of many discussions.

Additional embarrassment

One user on Twitter posted: “Mike Graham went on the Jeremy Kyle show to embarrass himself one more time.”

Another added: “Jeremy Kyle asking Mike Graham what causes people to get angry, just a few minutes after Mike announced that he’d be getting an “concrete experts” on his show to defend him is simply brilliant.”


The reactions elsewhere were equally ferocious The following is what the public were saying.

Somewhere on the planet Zwarkkk, the aliens are watching this shit and saying to themselves, ‘well, we could visit earth and teach them the secrets of the universe, but really, what’s the fucking point’ — james mcmahon (@jamesjammcmahon) October 27, 2021

Concrete sets, but it does not expand. It’s clear that the two of them aren’t aware since they both are of the opinion that watching cement mixed can be “exciting”. respekktor Vicomte de Banff Jake Findlater (@StreamOfIceberg) October 27, 2021

Others were quick to mock Mike Graham’s endorsement of Jeremy Kyle.

If someone on an estate owned by a council said that they might grow concrete, Jeremy Kyle would have torn into them. — Liam Tulley (@liamtulley) October 26, 2021

“If you want to protest about something, don’t break the law,” declares Jeremy Kyle with apparently zero knowledge of the history behind political protest.

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